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   Chapter 524 The Wife Of The President

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6675

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"Go back? Isn't it good here?" Asked Amanda.

"I think it's more like home than here." Jacob said in a low voice.

He really wanted to go back there. It was not easy for him to live there, but he lived a full life every day. He could go to school with ordinary children. He didn't need the identity of An Group, and he didn't need tens of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, he felt that his stupid mother was very happy every day with him. Although she was very happy now, her and his father always quarreled during their communication, far less freedom than before.

"Mom, are you really happy?" Said Jacob.

Amanda poked him in the face and said, "What are you thinking about? Although your father and I had a quarrel, we were much better than before. We used to fight all day long."

"He hit you before?" Jacob got angry at once. "Let's go away with my sister. Stay away from him. Mom, I'll protect you." Jacob said.

Amanda's heart softened. She held him in her arms and said, "Your father will be very sad if he hears it. Although we two had a fight before, it seems that he has always been suffering losses. Thinking of your father's previous life, we really couldn't blame him for doing this. In fact, sometimes he is as willful as a child in front of me."

"Then he has been an adult. Why does he have to be willful?" Jacob curled his lips.

Amanda hit him on the forehead and said, "Of course he can be willful. You are also willful in front of me."

"No, I didn't." Jacob said in an unconvinced tone. Then he added, "In fact, it would be nice if mommy had chosen Uncle Gregorio."

"Why?" Darren opened the door at once and said lightly.

He just came back to get a document and check how his wife and son were doing. He didn't expect to hear such words at the door, which almost made him desperate.

"Why are you back?" Startled, Amanda explained, "He didn't mean it."

"No, he did it on purpose. He saw it clearly." Darren slowly walked up to Jacob and put his hand

was still herself. Whether in J Country or in H City, she lived her own life, no matter in a small house or a big villa. But now everything was different. As the wife of Darren, she should be beautiful. Otherwise, others would think that she was with Darren because of her son.

It was not impossible for Amanda to show off their love. Since her son had already mentioned it, she would do it honestly.

Jacob was directly taken away by Darren. Lying in front of the window, Amanda watched them leave. She pursed her lips helplessly and mumbled, "Okay, an ugly daughter-in-law will finally meet her parents-in-law. I'll let everyone know who Mrs. Amanda is."

She had made a lot of appearances in public, but unfortunately, most of them were not good. Darren didn't get along well with her when they got married, he deliberately bullied her. The employees in the company bullied her, and so did Rose, who regarded her as a rival in love.

Suddenly, it occurred to Amanda that there was a woman named Rose.

Sophie told her that Rose couldn't accept the reality. She was schizophrenic. Now in the Swiss Kurhaus, although Darren didn't agree to marry her, he gave her good medical conditions. The An family also took a lot of effort to block a lot of information about Rose, so few people remembered Rose after a few years.

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