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   Chapter 523 I Want To Go Back

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"Your sister just woke up. Come and push the car to your room. I'll take her there.

"Okay." Jacob came to push the stroller.

Amanda walked over with the baby in her arms.

"Why is she crying again?" Looking at the slightly red rims of Christine An's eyes, Jacob couldn't help but feel a little helpless. This little guy liked crying so much.

"It's all your father's fault. Christine An's skin is so delicate. Of course it's uncomfortable to be touched." said Amanda crossly.

Jacob rolled his eyes and said, "Just a touch. Don't be so delicate." As he spoke, he poked Christine An's face. Christine An opened her mouth slightly and looked at Jacob with her bright eyes. She burst into tears again.

"You made your sister cry. You're responsible for coaxing her. If you can't coax her well, the game won't be able to start," said Amanda, smiling.

Jacob's face crumpled as he felt headache. It was really difficult for him to coax a little baby who could not speak at all and could only cry. He could only get close to Christine An and said, "Christine, don't cry. I was wrong, okay? I won't touch you, okay?"

"How can you coax your sister like this? Kids don't understand what you said, but they can feel your emotions. Your voice is full of impatience. Who will be happy to hear it?" Amanda came to teach him how to communicate with his sister.

He must be patient and gentle to the baby. Because she was still so weak, a gust of wind could hurt her, and she could do nothing. She was always full of fear and uneasiness to this world, so she needed her environment to be quiet and warm, or she could only cry to ease her uneasiness.

Amanda had never known that babies could also feel something before. During her pregnancy, she had read a lot of books on analysis. Although Darren told her that the more she read, the more stupid she was, Amanda stubbornly believed that reading more would make the baby happier.

If we were to select the gentlest mother in H City, Amanda would definitely be selected.

"Come on, let's talk to her in a soft voice and tell her who you are." Said Amanda.

Jacob looked at her suspiciously and said, "I've told her, but

After Jacob peeled the skin quickly, Amanda followed the instructions to build a house. She chopped wood to make planks, and made a house with four planks. Then she made a door handle, and made a door with one plank. The house was made of twisted planks. It was windy. When Jacob came back with the peeled rabbit meat, he was shocked by the house caused by his stupid mother.

He looked at the real house in a hurry, or he would be unpleasant if he really lived here.

"In fact, it's not bad. It's strong." Amanda chuckled and looked at the crooked house on the screen. In fact, the house didn't need to be gorgeous at all as long as it could block wind and rain.

Looking at the dilapidated house, Jacob had to make do with it for one night.

The screen was dark, and the two of them huddled in a small room. Outside, there was the howl of a beast, which sounded a little scary.

Jacob said, "Compared with these two people, the room where we lived together was actually better."

"Of course." Although their house in J Country was not as magnificent as it was now, it was good enough, and there was a small garden on the roof, which were carefully cultivated by Amanda. The surrounding were almost residential houses, and they can bask in the sun on the second floor. In the yard, a grape vine was lying on the wall, and in autumn, they could pick up the grapes with scissors to eat.

"Mom, I want to go back." Jacob said in a low voice.

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