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   Chapter 522 Clumsy Father And His Daughter

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"I heard a quarrel in your bedroom." Jacob looked at her and frowned.

Holding him in her arms, Amanda shook his head and said, "We're fine. Sometimes we have a dispute, but it's okay now."

The reason why they had a quarrel last time was that Darren knew that it was she who asked Gregorio to arrange Sheryl to go to school in E Country. Darren was a little dissatisfied and minded Gregorio's interference, but Amanda didn't give in. She had already regarded Gregorio as the backbone of her mother's family. In the end, it could only be made a concession by Darren. He couldn't sleep on the sofa for another half a month.

Jacob sat at the table and took a spoon of his favorite corn chicken congee and ate it slowly. It was his favorite.

"Jacob, would you like to go to the company with me this afternoon?" Darren asked. He had arranged Jacob to get in touch with the company's affairs. He even wanted to take Jacob with him during the board meeting.

Jacob shook his head and refused Darren's invitation decisively.

"What? What are you going to do this afternoon?" Darren was confused.

Jacob said confidently, "Mom finally agreed to play games with me this afternoon."

Darren turned to look at Amanda at once. He thought that Amanda didn't behave well at home. She could only teach her children to play games. That was not enough.

Amanda rolled her eyes at him. Jacob wanted to play games, so she agreed. Besides, Jacob wouldn't lose his mind because of playing games. He just had his own plan.

"You can't do this. How can you take care of a child at home?" Said Darren when he went into the bedroom to change his clothes.

With a lollipop in her hand, Amanda was sitting on the edge of the bed and reading a magazine. She looked up at Darren and asked, "What do you mean? If I can't take care of the baby, can you leave the baby to someone else?"

"Indeed, we should hire someone to take care of the child. I've asked Sophie to look for a famous expert in early childhood education," said Darren.

Hearing this, Amanda touched her forehead and a

to cry.

Darren frowned and said, "Our baby was scared by you."

Amanda held Christine in her arms and comforted, "Baby, don't cry. It's okay."

Christine's body was as soft as a dough. Although she was premature, she was taken good care of after birth. Now she was almost the same as a normal child. Her skin was white, smooth and her cry was loud.

Amanda immediately took off her clothes and began to breastfeed her. Now, Christine was only breastfeeding. Even when she was breastfeeding, Christine, who was focused on eating, still sobbed. Her little eyes were shining with tears, which made people feel pity for her.

"Go to work," Amanda said to Darren.

Darren kissed her on the forehead.

After Darren left, Amanda snorted. 'He wanted to hire a teacher for Jacob. I want to see who Jacob would choose the most, ' she thought.

"Look at you. You are too timid. You will cry when your father touches you. Your brother didn't cry when he was a baby. He didn't cry no matter how I touched him," Amanda murmured.

Hearing her mother's gentle and trivial voice, Christine slowly calmed down. She took two deep breaths and stopped. Her little fat feet kicked on Amanda's chest, as if she was acting like a spoiled child.

When Amanda put her on the bed, there was a knock on the door.

Outside the door, Jacob said, "Mom, the game is about to begin. Come on."

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