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   Chapter 521 I Join The Game

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"Gregorio, it's better to bury such a secret forever. After all, nothing is more important than her happiness now." Lionel said in a low voice.

Now, Amanda gave birth to a daughter for Darren. Darren was very good to her. Now, she had a daughter and a son, and she had become Mrs. Amanda. She was almost satisfied. Why should we tell her this and let her fall into a painful place again?

Looking at Lionel, Gregorio said, "but she has the right to know this. It's about the death of her parents. If she is still willing to be with Darren after knowing this, it's her choice. If she is not willing to be with Darren, it's also her choice."

"No." Lionel resolutely opposed, "Gregorio, we have to forget it. If we expose it, it will do no good to anyone. What can you get from it?"

"Maybe I will get some unexpected results." Looking at the document in his hand, Gregorio said in a low voice, "it's an important result for me."

"So you want to replace Darren," Looking at Gregorio, Lionel said sadly, "Gregorio, you have always been calm and self-controlled. How can you break the rules on such things? As long as she is happy, it's okay. Why do you force you two to be together?"

"If she didn't come back, she would accept me." Gregorio said lightly, "I have been accompanying her in the An family for six years, and she also has feelings for me. If it weren't for the deep memory with Darren, she would have been willing to marry me long ago."

Indeed, Lionel could tell that Amanda liked Gregorio. Her dependence on Gregorio often made Darren jealous. No one had been good to her for so many years except Gregorio.

"Then what do you want me to do?" Said Lionel.

Gregorio smiled, "you are willing to help me, aren't you? "

Lionel's smile turned cold. "If I don't help you, won't you do it yourself?"

If he wanted to expose it, he would have countless opportunities to let Amanda find out something secretly. As an outsider who was still on the guard of Darre

do the housework anymore. She wanted to do the housework as a exercise. Moreover, Darren also liked to live alone with two people, so he moved out of the An's mansion and went back to the small villa where they used to live together.

Amanda quickly finished cooking and put the plate on the table behind her.

When everything was ready, she stood up and called Jacob.

"Jacob, breakfast is ready." Amanda knocked on the door and came in. Jacob was lying on the hanging chair leisurely, playing games with a handle in his hand.

Jacob was now able to move freely. He went to the hospital for a check-up and found that his body was in good condition. Her little angel came back again.

"Okay, mom." Jacob obediently answered, turned off the game, jumped off the hanging chair, stepped on the white carpet and put on his slippers. Then he looked at Amanda and said, "You promised that you would play games with me this afternoon. You won't break your promise, will you?"

"No, I won't." Amanda rubbed his hair and said, "I have promised you. Of course I won't break my promise."

"How's Uncle Sheryl?" Asked Jacob.

"He is studying hard." Amanda smiled.

"Then what were you quarreling with dad?" Jacob asked. Is it about my Uncle Sheryl?"

Stunned, Amanda looked at Jacob and asked, "what did you hear?"

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