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   Chapter 519 Let's Make A Deal

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6384

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"Do you think they are bad words?" Bruce asked in a hoarse voice.

Sheryl smacked his lips, "Butterfly falling into the spider web is really a good metaphor. Are you suggesting that I will eat you?"

"If you have that ability, it's normal for you to eat me. The law of the jungle has always prevailed in this society." Seeing that Sheryl didn't seem to be disgusted, Bruce leaned over and sat next to Sheryl.

Sheryl murmured, "If only I were a spider, I could make a big net and trap my prey on it, letting them know what despair is."

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his cheek. He looked at Bruce with dissatisfaction and said, "Why did you pinch me?"

"Let's see if you are still immersed in the game. Why are you so cynical at such a young age?" Bruce asked.

Sheryl sneered, "You are not me. Of course you don't know my plan. If I can realize what I want, I will do anything, even at any price."

"What are you thinking about?" Bruce asked.

Sheryl's eyes were as cold as ice soaked in pine nut wine, with indifference and seductive brown. If he was a glass of wine, he must taste fresh, but after freshness, he must have a very strong taste.

Leaning against the bed lazily, Bruce said, "Tell me, maybe I can make a price."

Sheryl smiled with disdain, "I think you just entered the game and didn't come out."

He stood up, turned over on the bed, held the pillow and said, "There is a saying that the two people who don't want to cooperate with each other can't explode their trump cards at the beginning. Even if I want to cooperate with you, I have to see your bottom line in advance. But now, I can't see through you. Let's eat, drink and play together. That's enough."

"But if I really play with you every day, you're unhappy too. You didn't have a good time these days, but you still lost your temper at me. It doesn't make sense," Bruce said.

"So I'll learn from now on. You'd

Sheryl smiled, "Get out."

Standing up, Bruce looked so tall in front of Sheryl. His eyes were full of plunder, like a cheetah staring at its prey, which made Sheryl's heart beat faster.

"Sheryl, you should have known that you shouldn't be my enemy at this time. Are you out of your mind to irritate me like this?" Bruce couldn't help but ask.

Sheryl pointed at the door and told Bruce to get out without explanation.

Then Bruce turned around and left.

Leaning against the bed, Sheryl's mind was in a mess. He didn't expect that Bruce would see through his plan. As expected, he had nowhere to hide in front of him.

He knew that Bruce cared about him very much, but he didn't know whether it was just a whim.

He didn't think he was a charming man. As a prince, Bruce had seen all kinds of people. Perhaps only his innocence attracted him.

But how long could his innocence last? Sheryl had just come to this world. Although he had less knowledge than ordinary people for more than ten years, it brought him full vigilance. He didn't believe in anything and people, and even didn't trust his sister 100%. He locked his fear and uneasiness in the bottom of his heart. He would not let anyone live in his heart, nor did he believe anyone's love to him.

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