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   Chapter 514 What Happened To Sheryl

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"Haven't you finished yet? No wonder you are in a bad mood." Touching his head, Amanda said, "If you don't have inspiration, don't draw now. It's good for us to have desserts, tea and go out to pick flowers."

Jacob dodged her hand and said discontentedly, "What do you know?"

"I don't understand, but I want you to be happy. Don't pull a long face, just like an old man," Amanda said.

Jacob lost his temper in an instant. He put his Tablet PC in front of Amanda and showed it to her one by one. "This is the sun, the God of protection. Dad should have worn it, and this is the moon, then mom wore it, and I wore the Arctic star. But now we have a sister at home, so the design of this family is meaningless. I'm thinking about how to add one to make my design more complete."

Unexpectedly, the little boy was focusing on designing for his family. Suddenly, Amanda became interested. She looked at him carefully and then smiled, "Then design a star, or a flower to describe your sister."

Jacob rolled his eyes at her and said, "It's not that simple. Since we are a family, I have to work hard on the design. It's not my style to compromise just for the complete design."

"Take your time. I'm going to see your sister." Patting him on the shoulder, Amanda stood up and went out.

In the baby's room, the little girl was sleeping soundly. She was really soft like a dough of noodles now. Moreover, she was quiet and didn't cry or make any noise. When she first opened her eyes, her dark eyes were as round and lovely as grapes.

All of a sudden, the little girl woke up and looked at Amanda.

Although she was still young, she was used to the scent of her mother, so she didn't cry.

"Honey, how's your sleep?" Amanda said gently.

The little girl didn't say anything and continued to blink at Amanda. Amanda couldn't help but kiss her on the cheek. She thought, 'My baby, I can't kiss you enough.'

Suddenly, Amanda's phone rang. She took it out and found that she had received an anonymous e-mail, in which there was a photo. In the photo, Sheryl was drinking a glass of wine happily. His

was also worried about her baby. She had an idea in her mind.

When Darren went to work in the daytime, Amanda was making a phone call in the forest. She had never called this man, but she was familiar with the number.

"Hello." A man's voice came from the other end of the line.

"Hello, it's me. Where are you now?" Amanda asked.

When Gregorio received the call from Amanda, he was a little surprised, but he told her the truth, "I'm in B Country, and I've just finished a business. I'm going back to have a rest."

"Do you have time to go to E Country recently?" B Country was not far from E Country, and there was a direct flight, which could arrive in five hours. At this time, the only person that Amanda could think of was Gregorio.

Hearing her anxiety, Gregorio immediately asked, "What happened?"

"Sheryl is studying in E Country. I'm worried about him, but I can't do anything. Can you go to see him for me and tell him to study hard?" There was a sobbing tone in Amanda's voice.

Gregorio replied, "Give me the address. I'll be there tomorrow."

Amanda immediately sent the address. With the promise of Gregorio, she was finally relieved. She hoped that Gregorio could help her see what Sheryl was doing. It would be fine if Sheryl just relaxed for a while, but if Sheryl really fell down and learned something bad, she would go to E Country in person no matter what happened!

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