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   Chapter 513 Miss Someone Else

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Amanda nodded. She didn't know if she was distracted by what Darren said. She had nightmares all night. When she woke up in the morning, her body was as heavy as lead.

The baby was still crumpled and didn't look cute at all. Jacob was born with a crumpled face too and he then slowly opened his eyes. It was the first time that Darren had seen her. He loved her as much as he could. The room was specially decorated. Pink lace curtains, sky blue bassinet, colorful murals were drawn on the wall, and shells were tied into wind bell paintings on the windowsill. The wind was blowing, and the sound was very pleasant.

During the recuperation of Amanda, Sophie came to talk to her and brought her special snacks made by Gregorio.

"I don't like the taste of my brother's new research." When Sophie handed the crisps of different tastes to Amanda, there was a hint of jealousy in her tone.

In fact, her brother was really excellent and did everything well, but sometimes people were a little colder. Several girls who had met before who were interested in Gregorio couldn't stand his coldness and were busy with their work. In fact, her brother didn't have no feelings. Perhaps only in front of Amanda would he show so much affection and spend all his time to prepare the best for Amanda. What he done to Amanda was the thing couldn't buy with money.

Biting the crisps, Amanda asked, "Why didn't he come to see me?"

After she gave birth to the baby, Gregorio had never been there at all. Amanda couldn't help but feel dissatisfied.

Sophie sighed and said, "My brother went to country B Country again. He said that business in country B Country couldn't be lost. I don't think it's convenient for him to come to see you now. Maybe it's better not to see each other." Maybe this was the best for her brother.

Hearing this, Amanda lowered her head and ate the crisps in silence. The sweet flavor of tomato and the fresh flavor of cucumber were not difficult to make, but few people would be so focused on making so many crisps just for a woman.

He was a business elite. From an orphan to his current status, he was a

me. We don't have to hide anything from each other," Amanda said softly.

Darren said lightly, "Are you still worried that I will hurt Sheryl?"

"You think too much." Amanda rolled into his arms and said, "I want to sleep. Don't talk."

"Have a good sleep." Darren kissed her on the forehead.

Elin wrinkled for a few days and then became more and more mature. Amanda enjoyed the life of being a mother at ease.

Jacob was curious about his uninvited sister, though he always disliked her for being stupid and knowing nothing. But it was only a month ago. It was strange that a little baby like a dough really knew something. [念倾] knew that this was the awkward expression of this child, because he always felt that he was the only one in [念倾].

"Isn't your sister cute? Why are you so upset recently? " Sitting on the balcony and looking at Jacob, who kept silent all day long, Amanda said.

Jacob pouted and ignored her. Now his stupid mother seemed to be full of maternal love, but she only cared about that sister. He didn't want to talk to her. If she wanted to see his sister, she would go to find his sister.

"What's wrong? I feel that you are much colder to me after I gave birth to your sister. Don't you like me?" Amanda said with dissatisfaction. She went up to take his Tablet PC, only to find that the three necklaces that Jacob had designed before were still displayed on Jacob's tablet.

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