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   Chapter 512 The Choice

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6605

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Thinking of his sister, Sheryl's eyes turned red. Why did his sister marry Darren, the child of his enemy? If this secret was revealed, his sister would be the first to be hurt, but he couldn't betray his dead parents. They had been set up by Darren's father and died miserably. Now the Cheng Group was also acquired by the An Group and became a part of the An Group. There was nothing in the Cheng family, and he and his sister had nothing.

All of a sudden, a sharp pain came to Amanda's heart in her sleep. She immediately opened her eyes and found that there was no one in her ward. She was a little flustered. She tried to stand up and have a look. Although there was still pain on her body, she had almost recovered. It was also because of her good health that she was fine this time.

The light in the corridor was a little dim. From a distance, Amanda saw a tall and familiar figure standing on the balcony. It was Darren. Darren was talking on the phone. Amanda sneaked over to frighten him, but unexpectedly heard Darren saying lightly, "So, you are shameless to live in Sheryl's house?"

"What do you mean by being shameless? I'm just being considerate," Bruce replied.

When she heard that Bruce lived in [Sheryl's house, Amanda was worried.

"You can live there if you want. If he likes it, it's good to stay there," Darren said lightly. When he mentioned Sheryl, his tone was as cold as a stranger.

"Don't you want him to be your assistant? You don't want him to show up?" Bruce asked.

Looking at the slightly blue sky outside, Darren said slowly, "It's your ability to keep him. Don't get me involved."

"No matter what I do to him, you won't interfere?" Bruce asked in disbelief.

Darren sneered, "As long as you don't leave and expose yourself, I'll pretend that I know nothing. But I want twenty percent interest of D.R Group."

All of a sudden, the blood in Amanda's body froze. She hid in the shadow and listened to her husband trade with

ve? He knows exactly what kind of person he loves, doesn't he?"

"Don't try to hide your purpose of setting Sheryl up with such words," Amanda glared at him.

Darren smiled and kissed her on the forehead. He asked, "If one day Sheryl and I are against each other because of other contradictions, who will you side with?"

'He was against Sheryl?' Amanda rolled her eyes at him, "Do you two dare to stand against each other if I'm here? If anyone dares to stir up trouble, I will beat him to death."

"If Sheryl takes the initiative to deal with me, are you really willing to deal with Sheryl?" Darren asked suspiciously.

Amanda couldn't help but feel annoyed. She looked at him and said angrily, "How much do you dislike Sheryl? You always make such conjectures, and you said you are against each other. If Sheryl really wants to deal with you, I will teach him a lesson first. Does he mean to make his sister become a widow?"

"Don't talk nonsense." Darren bit her ear. Amanda dodged and said, "Go to bed with me."

"I dare not. What if I touch the wound?" Darren said.

"But I'm cold," Amanda said with a bitter face.

The corners of Darren's mouth twitched. It seemed to be summer now.

But he didn't say anything more. He sat on the other side and said, "Well, I'm here. You can sleep now."

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