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   Chapter 492 Go To Know A Different Life

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Sitting in the back seat, Sheryl kept going downhill. He felt like he was on a swing, and his heart was beating fast. He clutched at Bruce's collar, listening to the whistling wind.

"Are you not afraid anymore when you sit on this car?" Bruce asked loudly.

Leaning against his back, Sheryl looked at the mountain forest outside and smiled.

The warm sunshine shone on Sheryl's face, and the young man's skin seemed to glow slowly in the sunshine. His gentle smile spread all over the ground, revealing his attractive little tiger teeth. If Bruce looked back and saw the smile on Sheryl's face, he would definitely want to order the elf clothes he liked before. Sheryl was the real elf.

With great interest, Bruce left the manor with Sheryl. They carefully walked around the car all the way. It took them four hours to finally enter the city before they came in. Seeing that there were more and more buildings and people around them, Sheryl unconsciously grabbed Bruce's clothes and looked around blankly at the people around, as well as those completely strange high-rise buildings.

In the face of this, there was no fear for an outsider like Bruce. Noticing Sheryl's nervousness, he said, "It is okay. I won't abduct or sell you."

He parked the car in front of a shopping mall, and then held Sheryl's hand and said, "Let me show you something that you should not miss in your daily life. The shopping mall is also called supermarket."

"I know," Sheryl said. He had been shopping before and went in directly.

With a smile, Bruce followed him inside.

Sheryl found the entrance sign and walked in, and Bruce followed him by a shopping cart.

The shelves around him looked much lower than his height. In the past, when Sheryl went shopping in the supermarket, the shelves were as high as a hill. Now looking at these shelves which were not much higher than his height, he felt a little helpless.

"What do you want to eat? Just buy what you want," Bruce said.

Sheryl didn't have anything to eat, but when he saw the goods on the shelf, he wanted to take them, so he took some dried fruit, chocolate and milkshake. He was acting like a kid.

Walking in the supermarket, Sheryl didn't

ergetic and curious with such thin figure.

Amanda and Darren took plane all the way to A City. It was late when they arrived, so the two of them went to the hotel to have a rest first.

Nicholas also had a house in A City. But Amanda felt that the hotel made her more comfortable, so Darren had to accommodate her.

In the evening, after taking a shower, Amanda lay on the bed, while Darren was massaging her legs. Looking at the pair of hands that were usually used to sign a sky-high price contract and giving her a massage now, Amanda really felt that it was a reckless waste of his hands.

However, she was pregnant now and had difficulty in moving. It was easy for her to get swollen on her body, and she didn't dare to do more exercises. Her legs were a little swollen after taking a plane. After Darren found it, he began to learn to massage her legs to relieve her nerves.

"I'm so tired," Amanda sighed.

"If you are tired, go to bed first," Darren said.

"I miss Jacob. I've never been separated from my son for such a long time," Amanda murmured.

"It won't take long. Besides, the baby will fly when he grows up. You should be more open-minded." Seeing the sad look on her face, Darren thought he shouldn't be jealous of his son, but Amanda had never been aware of her family members. She would do everything she could to her family. This was not appropriate. One's energy was limited, and love was limited, so she had to distribute it well.

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