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   Chapter 491 To Enjoy Your Life

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7070

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"Learn what you want to learn and do what you want to do. Thank you for not having to be educated in this way for more than ten years," Jacob added.

"I don't know what I want to do." Sheryl lowered his head and felt as if he was trapped in a heavy mist. He only knew what his parents had said before the car accident that day. He knew that it was Harrison who forced his parents to hand over his sister for his sake. But his parents refused resolutely. In the end, they had a car accident.

He remembered everything. It was all because of the An Family and Harrison. He had been in bed for more than ten years. His sister had been bullied abroad, and the Cheng Group had disappeared.

Noticing the shock and pain in Sheryl's eyes, Bruce asked gently, "What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Sheryl looked at him and said, "I want to rebuild the Cheng Group. I want our Cheng family to be established again. The Cheng Group is the fruit of my father's painstaking efforts, but unfortunately it is no longer existing. Can you teach me?"

'To build the Cheng Group, I didn't expect Sheryl to have such an ideal, ' Bruce thought.

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Bruce said, "You can do anything as long as you want. Now what you need to learn is to do business, right? You follow me and I'll take you to learn this."

"Will it bother you too much?" Sheryl looked at Bruce and found that Bruce seemed to be a little warm-hearted to him. After all, although he was a friend of Darren, it had nothing to do with him. There was no need for him to pay so much for him.

"It's not troublesome. I don't have anything to do anyway. If you trust me, let me take the responsibility," Bruce said quickly.

"Haven't you finished your cooperation with my father? You should be leaving soon." Seeing that he was so enthusiastic to his uncle, Jacob felt a little strange. He tilted his head and asked Bruce, "Do you still want to take this opportunity to take my uncle to E Country?"

"I'm fine. I can go anywhere I want. If you want to know this society, reading books is not enough. You have to

Sheryl's head and carefully fastened the belt on his chin. When he looked at Sheryl's chin so close, he couldn't help but sigh, "Your skin is really good. Even I admire you."

"Men don't need such delicate skin." Hearing what he said, Sheryl felt depressed and sat back to avoid his hand.

"Who said that? The rough man doesn't pay attention to skin care. White skin and beautiful long legs were the essential conditions of the handsome men. This is the standard match for a prince charming, just like me." Patting his chest, Bruce said with a smile.

Sheryl raised his hand and pinched Bruce's waist. He looked very thin, especially in this kind of trousers with a slim waist. The waistline looked very beautiful, but the muscles were hard.

Being poked by him, Bruce's body trembled slightly as if he had got an electric shock. He quickly grabbed Sheryl's hand and said, "Don't be naughty. I'll take you there now, but this electric bicycle's battery may not last long. Let's hurry up and go."

Sheryl nodded and sat down immediately.

This might be the second time in Bruce's life that he had ridden two wheels' vehicle. Usually, he would go out on a four wheel car, or a four hoof horse. This feeling of riding an electric bike was quite novel, but he would be familiar with it after riding it for a while. After controlling the direction, the two of them immediately rushed into the distance.

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