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   Chapter 490 What Do You Want To Learn

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Amanda nodded and breathed a sigh of relief in his arms. "I'm not so afraid of him. I just left a deep impression on him before, but he's definitely not as strong as your obsession to be with me if he wants to break up our obsession."

"How can you only say me? You don't have the obsession to be with me?" The man was a little dissatisfied and bit her ear.

"You are so bad. You bit me again." She thumped his chest and laughed.

After they left the An's mansion, there were only two people left in the An's mansion, Jacob and Sheryl. Jacob was drawing there, and Sheryl was reading on the sofa next to him.

"Uncle Sheryl, you are reading primary school books." Jacob was surprised to find the book that he was reading.

Sheryl smiled, "because I just went to primary school. Now it's a little difficult for me to read books in primary school. I don't know more than you now."

Someone knew less than him. Jacob couldn't help but make fun of him and asked him questions tentatively. Sheryl didn't know anything about biology and geography in class.

This made Jacob feel sorry for his uncle. He couldn't do anything but sleep in his most carefree childhood. How poor he was.

Someone gently pushed the door open and came in.

Jacob raised his head and saw it was Bruce. He had changed into a white shirt with a black shoulder belt on it, which made him look a few years younger. However, he had taken good care of his skin and looked relaxed. Compared with his serious and old father, he was indeed younger.

When Bruce came back and heard that Darren and Amanda had left the An's mansion and flew to A City to visit Nicholas, he thought it was a good time. He heard that Sheryl arrived at Darren's house, so he came to have a look first.

"You are back." Sheryl smiled at him.

Nodding his head, Bruce replied with a smile, "yes, because there is indeed nothing important to deal with in the company."

"I heard that there are many vampires in E Country, right?" As

cepts. He was a little panic and subconsciously wanted to pick up the book and continue to study, as if studying could make him more contact with the society.

Amanda was very supportive of Sheryl's study, but the reason why she supported him was not that she wanted Sheryl to achieve something. She supported Sheryl to do anything, just like a mother was very happy when she saw a child could walk.

This kind of support was not a good thing for Sheryl. He had a lot of common sense that needed to be improved, but Amanda didn't think about it. Therefore, Sheryl could live a good life with Amanda, but if he left Amanda, he couldn't live well in this society alone.

Because of his education background, experience and knowledge, Bruce quickly saw what kind of study Sheryl needed now. He also wanted to easily get involved in Sheryl's life with this.

"Don't you feel scared when you walk outside alone after finishing studying? Can you communicate with others after reciting and writing a few words?" "Listen, Sheryl. You can't improve your knowledge like other people who have gone through primary school, middle school and high school. You've been behind for more than ten years, so you have to do something different."

"Something different? Sheryl murmured, "What's the difference? What should I learn now?"

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