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   Chapter 468 Don't Hook Up With Him

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Seeing that his stupid mother was also confused, Jacob said in a low voice, "I heard them talking about it when I was sleeping. It seems that grandma also suffered from the same disease with me at that time. Grandma was an orphan, but she miraculously found the suitable kidney. But I think that it's very strange. Dad has never said this before."

It suddenly occurred to Amanda that Lionel had said the same thing to her. At that time, she thought it didn't matter. If Darren didn't want to mention it, there was no need to blame him. After all, it had happened. The top priority was to find a way to save Jacob. Now that this thing was mentioned by Jacob again, Amanda was also confused, but soon she felt relieved. She touched Jacob's head and said, "Jacob, your dad seldom mentions your grandma's matter, because your grandpa and grandma's story was not happy at that time. It will only make your dad unhappy if he mentions this."

Jacob nodded. Indeed, his father had never mentioned anything about his grandparents to him. Darren seldom mentioned anything about them in front of Jacob and Amanda.

"What kind of people are grandpa and grandma?" Jacob asked curiously. He wondered what kind of parents could teach a son with such a character like Darren. Sometimes he was cold to death, and sometimes he was domineering. But when he faced himself and his stupid mother, this man was tolerant and indulgent, low to the dust, so that sometimes Jacob could not bear to bully his father.

"Your grandpa is also a very powerful person." Recalling her impression on Darren's father, Amanda said, "He is a business genius. Your great grandpa trusted your grandpa to take care of the An Group in the early days. He had more faith in your grandfather than your father."

Unfortunately, Darren's father was so stubborn that he fell in love with his mother. However, the two of them did not become a happy couple, but a tragic couple. Everything he had tried his best to do was trampled underfoot by her. It was not love that maintained the two people's relationship, but his absolute control and possession. What she could give him was only hatred, and despair. Even the birth of Darren could not change the relationship between the two.

Amanda was glad that she and Darren could get back together. Man could learn to change, no longer dominee

ry respectful and grateful to Gregorio.

Such a man had done so much for Amanda, but what he wanted was something that Amanda couldn't respond at all. Seeing that Amanda could still talk about Gregorio so naturally, Maggie suddenly felt unfair to Gregorio. Gregorio had done too much for Amanda, and he was really good to Amanda. If Amanda chose Gregorio, Maggie would definitely be the first one to agree.

'My relationship with Gregorio?' Amanda wondered. Amanda chuckled, "I don't know what's the relationship between me and him."

"Amanda, if you have made up your mind to be with Darren, don't have too much contact with him. Give him a reason to get close to you but you don't give him any response. It's unfair to Gregorio. You shouldn't continue to hook up with him," Maggie said seriously.

'Hook up with him? Am I?" Amanda was stunned. Recalling that they had little contact with each other, she didn't know what he had done in B Country and how he was doing. She didn't care about these things, and Gregorio only appeared when she needed help. As for what she had done in the past, he didn't care at all. He didn't ask, so the connection between the two seemed really relaxed. Was it wrong?

Although Amanda knew that Maggie didn't belittle her, and she also felt that she shouldn't have done it, she would be completely ungrateful if she made a clean break with a person who had helped her so much.

If she hadn't been with Darren, would she have made a clean break with Gregorio?

Amanda could hear the answer in her heart—she wouldn't.

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