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   Chapter 466 Who Amanda's Worst Fear Is

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In this sense, Amanda was much stronger than him, because she was willing to love others at any time and never closed her heart. In the aspect of loving people, Darren was as clumsy as a baby, while Amanda was like a gentle mother.

"What are you thinking about? What kind of beauty did you see today? Why are you so absent-minded?" Seeing him in a daze, Amanda teased him.

Darren smiled and said, "Yes, you're right. I did see a beautiful woman. She is in my bed now."

"Darren." Amanda was about to roll her eyes, but she changed her mind and said with a smile, "That's good. You can stay with that beautiful woman more often. I can feel at ease here alone."

"What? Do you have any free time without me?" Darren's eyes darkened.

"Of course. There are a lot of interesting things here, but I'm sure it's not as comfortable as hugging beauties there. You know, there are not many handsome men in H City. I'll go to see if there are any new handsome men outside tonight, "Amanda said with a smile.

The man gritted his teeth. 'Did she still want to have fun?' he thought. He said in a deep voice, "No way. Stay at home. Don't go out."

"It's none of your business." Seeing that he was serious, Amanda smiled proudly.

"Amanda, do you believe that I'll go back tomorrow?" The man loosened his tie, and his Adam's Apple moved slightly. He stared at her with a pair of seductive eyes, and his voice was a little hoarse.

Of course she believed that if she pissed him off, he would find out everything. It didn't matter to fly back overnight. Knowing his bad temper, Amanda certainly wouldn't let him do anything for this meaningless quarrel. She raised the white flag first and said, "Well, I won't run around. I won't see the handsome man. I'll wait for you at home, okay?"

Darren's male chauvinism was satisfied when his wife took the initiative to show her affection. His face softened a little. He opened the box at hand and revealed a pink diamond. "I found a good thing. I will take it back and see what you want to make."

"Let's make something with it for Jacob," Amanda said.

Darren raised his eyebrows and said, "Men don't wear those sissy things."

After listening to him, Amanda rolled her eyes at

carefree life, and he would also become a towering tree to protect her.

"Who said that?" Being mocked by Sheryl, Amanda was dissatisfied. She was his elder sister, but now she was mocked by her little brother. Would she lose face in the future? She immediately said proudly, "Every time your brother-in-law sees me like a mouse seeing a cat. He is afraid of me. I'm not afraid of him."

"It's time for soup." A cold voice sounded behind Amanda. As soon as Amanda turned around, she saw Darren walking to the table with a soup box. It was the tonic soup that she had to drink on time. With a bitter face, Amanda sat down and said, "I don't want to drink this again. I really don't want to drink it."

"Drink it for the last time. You don't need to drink it again," Darren said.

Because of her weak body, she couldn't smell any oil or smoke when she was pregnant, so she couldn't eat anything. She couldn't eat many things that she could eat when she was pregnant before. She would want to vomit when smelling them now. Darren had also found a lot of doctors to prescribe this prescription. In order to prevent Amanda from playing trick, he would definitely not count on anyone else as he could personally supervise Amanda to take the medicine.

Massaging her forehead, Amanda rolled her eyes at Darren. 'He was talking nonsense. Last time, he said the same thing, but it turned out that he just changed the medicine, ' she thought. She had to drink it and it was killing her.

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