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   Chapter 372 Be The Member Of Cheng Family Forever

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6514

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Seeing Susie's reaction, Nancy said to Rose deliberately, "Miss Su, it's still a secret, and we can't let others know it. Why do you always speak it out?"

Susie replied in a hurry, "She's one of our family members. We'd better make everything clear."

Rose looked at Susie. When she mentioned Amanda, Susie was glaring her like a hungry wolf. She ignored Susie and turned to Josie, smiling, "Actually, Darren has chosen a purple one. It's over there. Let's go and have a look."

Josie nodded and followed her.

Leaving Nancy to look at Susie who was ignored by Rose with a playful smile. Susie suddenly felt a little awkward. But it felt not bad for Nancy to look Susie being humiliated like this.

Susie's facial expression changed a little. She became much more polite when she turned to look at Nancy. "Miss Bai, what did Rose said just now?"

Nancy smiled, "Miss Cheng, I'm just an outsider. I don't know what's going on. I can't help you anymore."

"I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now." Susie's face turned cold. She had endured what Rose said just now. Rose was rude and superior just because she would be the hostess of the An Group. She seemed to have played some tricks. 'Is it because of her baby? Wait a minute. It was not like she was pregnant with a baby's belly when she thought of Rose's waist just now. Wasn't she pregnant for six months now?' Susie wondered. When she received Rose's information, Susie only glanced at it casually.

'She had been pregnant for six months, but she lost her baby. She didn't know why Darren wanted to marry her since he didn't have his baby? And Rose had made it clear just now that Amanda was pregnant and lived in the manor. What a stupid woman Amanda was! She had been pregnant with Darren's child, but why couldn't she keep this man by her side?'

The more Susie thought about it, the angrier she got. No matter who Darren married to, she had to be connected with the Ch

gnant with Darren's child, and he chooses to marry Rose. That's unfair. No matter what happens, we can't just watch Amanda being bullied like this. She's a member of the Cheng family."

Moreover, Amanda had a history with the Cheng family. After weighing the pros and cons, only when Amanda became Mrs. An could the Cheng family get benefits.

Simon said solemnly, "Yes, we can't allow anyone to bully Amanda. She is one of our Cheng family, and my niece."

When she opened her eyes and saw the patterns of the curtains on the floor, she felt that it had been a lifetime. After taking a look at the calendar, she realized that it was time for the new year. The residence was always quiet and tidy. Here, she couldn't feel the passage of time without looking at the time.

"Miss Cheng, it's time for you to get up and have a check-up." The maid knocked on the door and said gently.

She didn't know what had happened to her, but Darren suddenly arranged more check-ups for her. Sometimes when she was very tired, she still had to do examination and answered the doctor's questions, which made her very annoyed.

"Now the fetus is all right." Doctor Nian said.

Amanda nodded. She turned to look at Doctor Nian and said with a smile, "Last time it was you who went there to check on me."

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