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   Chapter 371 A Shocking Secret

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6513

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"Where is Mr. Darren? Why hasn't he come yet? You look so beautiful in this wedding dress. If Mr. Darren is standing beside you in the same dress, you must be the most beautiful bride." Looking at the happy look on Rose's face, Nancy could not help but smile happily. She moved close to Rose and whispered, "Rose, you have to help me tell Mr. Darren about my request."

Rose stopped smiling. Nancy showed her great hospitality in recent days. Because her good friend made a mistake in the company. And Nancy wanted Rose to ask Darren for help.

If it was in the past, Rose wouldn't care at all, but now, things were different. She was going to be Darren's wife. And it had been a few days for Nancy to brag about it, but if she couldn't even help her, people would laugh at her.

"Well, I'll talk to him when he is free. You know, during this period, Mr. Nicholas is not at home, so all the affairs in the An Group are left to Darren. How can he have time now?" As soon as Rose said that, her mobile phone rang. She picked it up and couldn't help smiling. "You're here. It's on the second floor. Come up and help me."

A few moments later, Josie came to her.

Wearing a wedding dress, Rose walked up to her and said with a smile, "What do you think of it? It was chosen by Darren. Do you like it?"

The expensive wedding dress cost a lot. Gazing at it, Josie thought that Darren had made up his mind to get engaged to her. The wedding was more important than the one to be held with Amanda. Did Darren really want to be together with Rose? Then what about Amanda?

Seeing that the expression on Josie's face changed a few times, Rose asked curiously, "Josie, what's wrong with you? Did something happen to you?"

"No. I was overwhelmed by some files just now. I haven't recovered yet. The wedding dress is really good. Where is Darren? Why isn't he here?" Josie glanced around but didn't see Darren. She really didn't know what attitude D

cently? I haven't had a good chat with him yet."

Susie shook her head and said, "I don't know. My family are looking for her. She always hides herself without saying a word."

"Don't you know she's in the manor of the An Family?" asked Rose, surprised.

Susie was confused for a while and murmured, "Which manor are you talking about?"

Josie was bored playing on her phone when she heard the question. She looked at them suspiciously, wondering why Rose would ask Susie about this. It was something Susie didn't know about. Rose planned to convey Amanda's whereabouts to the Cheng family through Susie, so that the Cheng family could chase Amanda again.

"Do you think there are a few manors of the An Family here?" Looking at her confused look, Rose shook her head and sighed, "So you didn't know that. She is pregnant now and lives in the manor? I thought you already knew it. The An Group is dealing with the case of the Cheng Group. Now Amanda is pregnant with the baby of Darren. You have made a big fortune."

'It was about Amanda. She was pregnant with Darren's child, '

Susie felt dizzy when she heard these words. How could that woman be pregnant and moved into the manor? Didn't she divorce and be expelled from the An Family?

Why did he let that woman come back again?

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