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   Chapter 370 Just Let It Go

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6517

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Outside the balcony, Darren couldn't hear anything except for Amanda's smiling face. She touched her belly and smiled at him. Her smile was full of sorrow which couldn't be described in words.

"Ouch! Amanda, open the door!" Darren clapped the window and shouted.

Looking at the anxious look on his face, Amanda couldn't help but burst into laughter. She reached out her hand to touch Darren's hand through the glass, but she only touched the cold glass. The glass window was like a screen, separated the two worlds. She smiled and cried in this quiet and warm room, and he shouted in that noisy and cold room.

"To be honest, I'm quite excited today, because my heart is connected with the baby's heart. I can feel that he's very healthy and even my breath was connected with his breath. It's the happiest feeling I've ever had," Amanda said with a smile, touching her belly.

But he couldn't hear anything.

Looking out of the glass window, Amanda found that Darren in her dream was indeed so real that it felt an excitement that she could not imagine. Perhaps only in her dreams would he be so excited. In reality, he no longer cared about her. He should be thinking of only Rose, because he was about to marry her.

He belonged to others, not to her anymore. She slowly walked to her bed, lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. She slightly lifted the corners of her mouth. At least, she could see him in her dream at last.

It would be great if she could dream of him.

That was enough.

Amanda closed her eyes, and tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. The pillow was filled with the pleasant smell of sunshine, which made her feel like she was walking in the warm spring sunshine. In fact, she hadn't dreamed of Darren for a long time. When she saw him just now, she thought she could finally have a good sleep.

An hour had passed when Darren opened the window. At that time, Amanda was asleep. He didn't make much noise


After Rose took good care of her body, she could go to try on the wedding dress. Then, Nancy went to try on the well-tailored wedding dress made by one of the famous brands owned by the An Group. Looking at the floral edges on the wedding dress and the pearls inlaid on the chest, Nancy said with admiration, "It's so beautiful. I think only you can wear such a beautiful wedding dress."

Looking at herself in the mirror, Rose felt very happy. The wedding dress in front of her could show the perfect and sexy curve on her body. Although the woman in the mirror had a weak body, her face was rosy like a rose. The happy smile on her face was evident.

She had thought about it for a long time and planned for a long time. Finally, her dream was married to Darren.

Darren, the heir of the An Group. If she could marry him and become the enviable Mrs. An, no one would laugh at her origin or her career anymore. From now on, her name would only be connected with the nobility and rich.

Moreover, being able to become Mr. Darren's woman was the dream of all women.

A small smile appeared to the corners of Rose's mouth. Although she was not lucky enough to keep that child, it helped her deal with the biggest trouble around her and Darren, Amanda. But she still felt a little pity.

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