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   Chapter 369 Nightmare

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6768

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Got engaged. Amanda found that she could listen to them quietly. She would not feel bitter or sad, neither would she want to be hysterical. She just listened to them, as if she was just listening to ordinary gossip. She quietly closed the door and returned to her room. She drank some hot water and lay on the bed, with nothing in her mind.

Suddenly, her belly moved a little. Amanda reached out and touched her belly. Her belly was bulging because of the development of a baby inside. When she saw a baby bump on her belly, it got bigger and bigger. She could feel that the baby was rolling or rolling in her belly. It seemed that the baby was dissatisfied with her staying up so late.

With a smile, Amanda touched her belly and felt the rhythm of her life. The unprecedented joy and happiness surrounded her. As long as she was with her baby, she didn't expect too much. Love, men, family, all of them were not important. The blood ties were the real emotions. The rest were meaningless.

It was not a good idea for her to stay up late. She should go to sleep now. She didn't care about engagement at all. Since this man thought it was their sin, he had to bear it alone. With their love and their marriage as compensation, she could only...

"What the hell is engagement?" Amanda suddenly sat up and cursed, "Darren, you bastard! Even if you feel guilty to her, don't you have other ways to make it up? You just don't want me. You left me because you don't love me. I don't believe you will really leave me. I don't believe you just want to leave me under the name of compensation her. Just for this, you left me. Many times you risked your life to save me, you put your own life to the side for me. How could you leave me? I don't believe it, I don't believe it!"

As she spoke, she cried bitterly. In an instant, she felt so sad, as if thousands of arrows were piercing through her heart. The pain was clear, and there was blood.

The more she cried, the more sorrowful she became. All the grievance that had be

appened to Amanda in the room.

The window on the second floor was locked. It was solid because it was made by thick glass. After Darren kicked, the window was still closed. He finally realized that in the manor, everything was solid.

"Amanda, Amanda, open the door." He called her name across the glass. On the balcony, he could only see Amanda lying on the bed motionless, but Amanda couldn't hear anything because of the good sound insulation effect of the glass. Darren called and thumped on the window.

Amanda sat up and looked out of the window. She saw Darren standing on the balcony, looking at her anxiously. She smiled goofily with tears on her face. She was sure that she was hallucinating. Now he had to accompany his delicate newly married wife. How could he come to see her, a big belly woman?

But it was also good, because at least in the illusion, he still loved her, at least in the illusion, she did not lose him.

Amanda walked to the window and looked at Darren with a smile. "You know what? The baby kicked me today. I was so happy that I shared this news with Gregorio. I told him that the baby was kicking me, but he just told me coldly that it was just the normal phenomenon of the fetus's development. I think it was because he was not the baby's father. If you knew that, you would be very happy, wouldn't you?"

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