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   Chapter 361 The Only Thing He Ever Wanted

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In the beginning, his dream was really realized, because Darren's father had a sharp sense of business. He was good at exploring new market and was very sensitive to the change of strategies. He could always break the routine and create commercial legends one after another. Therefore, at that time, Nicholas really thought he had gained a lot in his life.

But ever since he met that woman, his son had changed. He bought island without restraint, built villas and holiday resort, and spent all his money on that woman. He had even married her regardless of anything. He had held a grand wedding at that time.

If that was all what happened, Nicholas wouldn't feel sorry. But his son was very popular in the business world. He was used to pursuing and winning. And Darren's mother was stubborn. She hated herself being forced. Their relationship was once very stiff.

After Darren's mother was sick, his father had been looking for the right kidney donor for her everywhere. He used all the resources and only got the last clue. Amanda mother, Jason's wife, had a weak relationship with Darren's mother.

At that time, the Cheng family just settled down in the business field. Darren's father was a business tycoon. It was difficult for the Cheng family to watch out for his tricks. After a series of planning, he got the inspection report of Amanda's mother, and it was the most suitable match with his wife.

But it was impossible for the Cheng family to let Amanda's mother donate a kidney for his wife.

So his father made a reckless decision to plan that tragedy, which changed Amanda's whole life.

"At that time, I have handed over the business to your father. When I found that your mother had finished the operation, the only thing I could do at that time was to help your father get rid of all the possible exposure. It has always been a small secret, and no one knows it. However, Darren, now you know this secret. You know what? This is an absolute disaster! I won't let anyone from the Cheng family stay in our home, because o

for her. But he couldn't do anything now. He could only stand here and give her a place to lean on.

"I really want to have a long sleep. I hope that we are old and white-haired when I wake up. All the difficulties we have to experience have been passed, and we are still together. In this way, no matter what we are suffering now, we will not be sad. No matter what has happened, we will overcome." With tears coursing down her cheeks, Amanda smiled and said, "Isn't it a stupid idea? If one gets old in a twinkling of an eye, the experiences during which will be boring."

"No, your idea is very good. When you wake up, we already have a family of children and grandchildren," Darren said. When there was a full family of kids and grandsons, he could take care of Amanda with all his love, and erase her scars with his life. Even if she knew the secret at that time, she would still be angry with him and make a fuss with his white beard. There would be a group of children persuade her not to be angry, and he just needed to coax her.

There was always endless tolerance in one's life. No matter how much difficulties he had gone through, as long as he could hold her hand and walk together at the end of his life, he would not have any regret.

Unfortunately, people couldn't get old overnight. The fate would come, and the pain would eventually come.

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