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   Chapter 359 Shall We Back For Good

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6549

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"Don't be so willful, Amanda. I'll take you to the bed. The doctor is on his way." Darren raised his hand and put it around her waist, but Amanda was like a slippery loach. She fully exposed the unique vitality of pregnant women at this time. She would never let Darren touch her. In order to prevent her from falling down again, he had to let go of her and said, "I won't touch you. Don't make any sudden movements."

After he left, the pain in her belly intensified. She couldn't hold her tears anymore and her lips were already bleeding. She had never expected that pregnancy could be such a hard work. The pain was worse than any other pains she had suffered before.

She was sweating on her forehead, with tears in her eyes and bleeding on her lips. She tried to endure the pain, but there was still a roar in her throat.

The doctor soon arrived and gave her a shot of painkillers. When the pain was gone, Doctor Nian turned to a stern look and said, "Miss Cheng, you're too careless. You've hurt yourself before. It's not easy for you to get pregnant this time. You've been weak recently. If you keep being like this, the baby will be in danger."

"Will it be hard for me to give birth to the baby?" Amanda asked slowly.

"No, it won't. You will be fine," the doctor said. Darren stood in front of her bed. When he heard what Doctor Nian said, he felt a spasm of pain in his heart. Rose's miscarriage had a great impact on Amanda as well. She couldn't sleep well at night and couldn't eat well. Moreover, Gregorio told him about that. Therefore, he was worried about her safety, so he came to have a look today.

Although he said that he was worried about the baby, in fact, the one he really cared about was her.

"Darren, I have a question. If your wife is difficult to give birth, the doctor will ask you to choose one to save, the baby or your wife. If you choose to save your wife, your wife will not be able to get pregnant in the future

ionel had to refuse her because his family. When she accepted Darren, he told the media that she was an unfaithful woman and wanted to divorce her.

Until now, she was pregnant, and he would marry another woman who had lost her child and wanted to take her child away.

She had gone through all the hardship. Now she had been targeted again, so she was not afraid. If he would do anything to hurt her, then just let it be.

"Unreasonable." He turned around and was about to leave. However, Amanda grabbed his hand and stopped him. "Shall we back for good, Darren?" she asked.

She softened her voice instantly and choked, as if a wronged little girl was acting like a spoiled child in front of her parents. Darren' body trembled.

Realizing that they didn't need him anymore, Doctor Nian opened the door and left.

She hugged him from behind. Her tears soaked his clothes, as if there were stars on his back. Her warm tears fell on his back.

"If you want to marry her, I won't blame you, whether it is because of me. I will bless you both. But at least you're my husband here. You're the companion of the baby and me. I'll leave alone after the baby is born. We'll have nothing to do with each other then, but don't be so hostile to each other now, okay?" Amanda leaned on his back and said.

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