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   Chapter 358 My Family Is Here

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Gregorio was shocked and raised his eyes to look at Amanda, whose eyes were filled with despair. She wanted to perish with Gregorio together. He suddenly realized that she was going to take the opportunity to deal with him. Was she going to take revenge on him, or did she try to drag him into this thing?

"What are you doing? Don't forget you're in the An Family," Darren said.

Amanda turned to look at Darren and said, "I see. This is your family. Isn't it strange that I show up here? I'm just an outsider. Are you going to let me go?"

Darren looked at Amanda with a cold face. There was still a smile on her face. When he came in just now, he saw her leaning on the arms of Gregorio. Amanda was not a frivolous person. She especially hated physical touch with irrelevant people. But now she was leaning on Gregorio's shoulder in front of him. Did she do it on purpose?

"Mr. Lin, you may leave now," Darren said.

Looking at Amanda, Gregorio shook his head helplessly. Her tricks were too childish to Darren. It was nothing except that the relationship between him and Darren was getting worse and worse. He was never responsible for Darren and there was no need to be afraid of him.

Seeing the sympathetic look in Gregorio's eyes, Amanda cast a ferocious glance at him. Her bright eyes were full of resentment. As a matter of fact, as long as she thought about it, the matter had nothing to do with Gregorio. It was her who pushed Rose in a fit of impulse. It was because she was unwilling to be manipulated and she wanted to take the initiative to find Rose. Gregorio had made a good proposal at the beginning, but she made a mistake.

Gregorio closed the door to make some room for himself. He walked along the corridor and saw the snow outside. It was snowing. The New Year was approaching. So many things had happened during the year. He wondered if he could have a happy ending at the end of the year.

There was dead silence in the room.

Amanda looked at Darren. Th

en said was too scary, but because she could foresee that what he said would come true. As long as the child was the descendant of the An Family, there would always be someone trying to get close to him.

Her tears slowly fell down. Looking at her crying, Darren couldn't bear it. He turned his face and said, "Don't worry. He is my child. Even if he lives with me, he will not cut off the connection with you. You are his mother. This is a fact no one can change."

"Do you want me to see him..." She suddenly turned pale and felt severe pain in her belly.

Amanda collapsed on the couch, her body curled up like a lobster that had fallen into water. She had been worried about Rose these days. Moreover, her diet was irregular. As a result, she hadn't had a good rest after being drugged. As a matter of fact, she was in a dangerous condition.

Noticing Amanda's condition, Darren immediately asked someone to call the doctor. He stepped forward to hold Amanda in his arms. However, the latter struggled to free herself. "Don't touch me!" she shouted, holding her breath.

The hug of him was not hers any more. Obviously, Rose had cried in his arms before. Leaning against his shoulder, Rose heard his warm consolation. Those were not hers anymore. Darren was not hers anymore. She didn't want to cling to him anymore.

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