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   Chapter 357 What Is Despair

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6771

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'So how is Rose now? If she is fine, why didn't Amanda tell her?' Maggie was suspicious. If she wanted to investigate the case, she had to leave the Zhao family first. It was not convenient to do this in the Zhao family.

"Stop bothering me. Pack your stuff." Maggie whispered, "Don't forget anything. If you forget something, I have to send them to you. It will be too much trouble."

Henry started to pack up, but he didn't need to take too much things with him. At the same time, he had no idea why Maggie would suddenly go back to her hometown to spend a holiday. But since she had made up her mind, he couldn't change her mind. After all, Maggie's decision was final.

Henry thought for a while and then proposed, "Since you don't want to stay at home, why don't you come with me? Although it's boring for us to have a meeting, there are still many places of interest nearby. If you want to go there, I can take you there sometime. When I'm having a meeting, you cannot go shopping and visit freely."

"People will laugh at you if you tell them your idea." Maggie leaned in his arms and looked down at him with her elbow. "You're not a three-year-old kid. You don't need to take your wife when you have a business trip."

"I don't care. Come with me," said Henry.

"No way."

"Then what do you want to do?" Henry asked.

Stunned, Maggie looked at him and pretended to be dissatisfied. "Do I even have no right to arrange my life now? Do I have to report to you before I go?"

"I don't force you to do it. It's just a question. I do care about you. Do you understand?" Henry muttered.

"Idiot." Maggie felt guilty about what she had done to Henry. She thought that she might make troubles for Henry again. Sometimes, Henry was dissatisfied with the things that Amanda and Maggie had done, but when Maggie stood out, he would not blame to her.

She held his face and kissed him. Their luggage was left alone, so was the light. Only the two figures on the bed who were entangling with each other.


hey were directly flowed into the porridge. The transparent tears mixed with the porridge did not reveal a trace.

"Leave there, Amanda, and a new world will be waiting for you," Gregorio replied.

Getting a hint from what he said, Amanda sneered and said, "You told me that I wasn't a perfect match for Darren from the very beginning. You don't want to help me. You just want to create strife between us, right?"

"That's your own understanding. I'm telling the truth. The meaning of your life is not only to be Darren's woman. You must be yourself. In fact, you can do whatever you want," Gregorio replied.

But Amanda didn't believe Gregorio anymore. If the An Family was the lair of beasts and both Mr. Nicholas and Darren were the beasts that would eat people, Gregorio must be a snake that was waiting for the chance to attack people.

"You can leave now. I don't want to listen to your explanation," Don't enter my room in the future, Gregorio," Amanda said calmly.

"Do you really hate me so much?" Gregorio asked.

All of a sudden, Amanda stood up and sat next to Gregorio, leaning her head on his shoulder. Gregorio was stunned. 'Amanda must hate me so much now. How could she come close to me now?' he thought to himself.

The next moment, the door was opened from outside. Darren appeared at the door with a blue face.

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