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   Chapter 356 She Will Go Back To Her Parents' Home

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6883

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Emily liked herbs a lot, so she spent most of her time in the garden every day. When Albert and Henry's mother insisted on getting married. Albert had insisted on going to divorce her, everyone in the Zhao family was worried that she would commit suicide. After all, a woman had already given birth to two sons for her husband. But her husband and her mistress had another child, and tried his best to divorce her.

But Emily had always been calm. She could stay in the garden house all day long to look at the carefully cultivated orchids. She could grow calmly as long as they took leaves and sprouted. Although the sudden change of the marriage had happened for many years, her flower raising habit had been maintained. Fortunately, no matter what happened, Emily could deal with it easily.

Hearing that Albert mentioned raising flowers, Emily said with a smile, "You're not pissed off by my flowers at all. They keep silent all the time. In fact, every pot of flower I plant has a soul. I treat them as treat my children, and I take them as my own ones. I love them with all my heart."

"Of course I'm not displeased with you keeping flowers," Albert said. He felt sorry for Emily. He had been ambitious to pursue true love, and had believed that if the two people were in love, they must be together.

He had no idea how his behaviors hurt Emily at that time. But after Henry's mother committed suicide, Albert nearly broke down. When he returned home, he saw dense orchids everywhere, and he was shocked by the figure watering the flowers leisurely in the garden.

No matter what kind of sadness Emily had experienced, she could go to do her own things with ease. She had decorated her home as a forest park, like a fairy tale. She did not care about her husband's betrayal and the crying of her child.

Albert was deeply moved by Emily's attitude. So many years had passed, although his love for Henry's mother had left indelible scars on his heart, over the years, he had been together with Emily, and she gradually occupied his heart. Like a

e made Henry's mouth twitch.

Maggie said proudly, "Of course. Who am I? You disliked me and even threatened me at the beginning. But now I won." Maggie remembered that Henry often told her about the plots and conflicts in the big family before, and she felt nervous. However, when she got married, she found that the atmosphere in the Zhao family was still good.

Because all family members took a more tolerant attitude to Henry at home. And Henry had a bad temper. But Maggie was not afraid of him. So she gradually became the favored person in the house.

"Don't go. If you leave all of a sudden, our parents will be suspicious," Henry said.

"Why will they feel suspicious of it? I've been at home for so long, and I want to go back to live with my parents for a while. You're on a business trip, so why can't I take a holiday?" Maggie pinched his ear and felt guilty when she saw Henry's awkward look. But she had no choice. She had to leave the Zhao family first, so it was easier for her to take action.

Maggie thought over Josie's words and felt that something was wrong, but she didn't know what was wrong. Suddenly, it occurred to Maggie that Amanda had told her not to believe what Gregorio said. Some words were reasonable, but most of the words could not be trusted, because he always said in a serious way, so his lie sounded as true as the real.

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