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   Chapter 355 Who Will Take The Consequences

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6495

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Seeing that the young couple were joking around, Emily said with a smile, "We are old. We are not as energetic as young couples. Let them do whatever they want. We just have fun."

Albert nodded and handed the cute rabbit to Emily's plate. "Then we just eat our food, leave them alone," he said.

After dinner, Josie left.

In the bedroom, Albert put on his home clothes and sat in front of the window to look through. Outside the door, Josie drove her car away with two lights on. When she left, he asked, "Why does Josie come here this time?"

Emily stopped what she was doing and put the teacup on the table.

She didn't know whether she should tell this to Albert. If she intended to hide it, she could do so for the sake of the Zhao family.

However, Albert seldom cared about other people. He seldom asked about the family member, he did this today was to show his respect to Emily. If she still hid the truth from Albert for this, it would disrespect him.

After all, the head of the family was Albert. So Emily said, "Actually, Josie came here for a friend of hers. Her friend had a miscarriage. She was very weak after the surgery and had a severe hemorrhage. She wanted you to pay more attention to her, but I don't think it's appropriate for us to take any action, so I refused her."

Albert recalled that when Josie came over, she had red eyes and looked so haggard, which he did not expect. He did not expect that it was for the sake of friends. Hearing that Emily refused her, Albert said: "If they are really good friends, it is nothing serious to let me have a look. After all, it is not a big deal for us. There is no need to refuse them specially. Many patients are hoping me to take care of them. Don't worry. Josie is not an outsider."

Emily was relieved to hear that, but she still shook her head and said, "We can't help or even get involved in it. We can't tell others about it at home."

"Is it because

igh, Emily said Albert, "I really don't know how to deal with these two kids. How can we solve the problem?"

"I will find out what happened to Rose tomorrow. If they really want to hold Maggie's accountable, we Zhao family will not refuse." Albert also took the responsibility.

"No, you can't. If you rashly ask Rose, we may get into a big trouble," Emily said quickly. "There is nothing happening to the An family now. Let's wait and see," she added.

"I'm just going there to have a look. It's natural for me to get a physical examination in any hospital. Do you think I'm so silly to ask whether my daughter-in-law pushed her there?" Albert said.

Emily burst into laughter. Pushing Albert away, she said with a smile, "If you ask her directly, she might think that there is something wrong with your brain." After the laughter, Emily frowned. "This kid is too naughty. I have to spare some time to remind her not to always let the family worry about her."

"The child is young. Don't worry too much. Maggie is a kind girl. She won't make any trouble for you. With her company, you won't have to be bored all day. Without her, you can only water the plants. Although it's good for our spiritual sense, the flowers are not as interesting as living people," Albert comforted her.

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