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   Chapter 347 Will You Kill Me

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All of a sudden, Darren pulled his hand back. He turned around and said, "Amanda, we're all adults. We should be responsible for what we've done." He didn't finish his sentence, because Amanda stood up and hugged him from behind.

All of a sudden, Darren felt a warm stream gushing out of his chest, making his limbs weak. He just wanted to turn around and hold her tightly, comfort her and stop crying.

But that would be too unfair to Rose. Thinking of Rose who had almost died while lying on the bed, Darren couldn't help but come to his senses and push Amanda's hand away. "If I'm the one who had lost the baby, what will you do? If the abortion pills became effective and I lost my baby, what will you do?" Amanda asked.

"I will kill her," Darren said flatly.

She raised her lips slowly. "So, should I thank you for your leniency to me? Are you trying to kill me, Darren?"

The room was long in silence, as if no one was there.

His features were dashing, just like the knight in the paintings. His eyes were as dim as the night sky. He no longer looked at her. She had no idea what he was thinking about and she couldn't get his answer.

"Darren, the baby is mine. Now that you're going to marry Rose, don't think of my child. Otherwise, she will only feel hurt. This is just like creating a new wound for her. Anyway, you will have your child with her. After all, technology is so developed now," Amanda repeated.

As long as he wanted, he would have many children, but this was the only one she wanted.

"I don't think it's a good idea, but you have to leave the baby to me." Darren said, "That's the child of the An family. Grandfather won't agree if you take the baby away."

"I will not compromise." With that, she went back to the bed and cracked a smile, saying, "It's still early, anyway."

"I tell you. You'd better not do anything stupid." Looking at her expression, Darren reminded her.

She lowered her head and said, "Y

ude, Rose knew that she had made a right decision. Darren had a knot and a weakness. She had stayed with him for so many years and found his life. It was not what Amanda could do.

After chatting with Rose for a while, Josie turned around and said to Darren on purpose, "Amanda went too far on this. Although it's not convenient for me to involve in this issue, there is a life after all. As a friend of Rose, I can say something for her. Where is Amanda now? Why doesn't she come here to apologize?"

Hearing her straightforward words, Darren felt displeased. He said coldly, "It's our family affair. There's no need to bother you, Mrs. Xia."

"Family affairs? Who is your family member? The ex-wife who lives comfortably in the manor? Or Rose, who has lost her baby now, is she still a member of your family? Both Amanda and Rose have you babies. But why did you treat them so different?" Josie asked with a sneer.

"Don't worry, Josie. I know Darren has his own difficulties." Fearing that Josie might displease Darren, Rose added, "And I never complain about anything like this. As long as Darren cares about me and has me in his heart, that's enough."

Josie looked at Rose with exasperation. She seemed to be worried about her, but actually she was testing the bottom line of Darren's heart.

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