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   Chapter 346 How Dare You

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6623

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"Now she lost her baby, and she almost lost half of her life. What should I do?" Darren's voice was full of pain and entanglement. He raised his hand and embraced Amanda in his arms. "My eyes are full of her bloody appearance, just as my mother was desperate."

The scene that his mother jumped off the building flashed in his mind. And the dying Rose on the sickbed, who was always trying to kill herself, was very much like the one in his memory. He always felt sorry for his mother, thinking that he was a mistake that he shouldn't have made, which indirectly caused his mother's death. Therefore, when Rose appeared in front of him like that, Darren couldn't stand it when Rose committed suicide in despair again.

Hearing what he said, panicked inside, but Amanda didn't argue. She got out of Darren's arms and said, "Yes, it's all my fault. I pushed her down and made her suffer like this. I can't defend myself. It's all my fault. What can I do to make it up to her?"

"I'm sorry, Amanda," Darren said suddenly.

Amanda was stunned. When she looked at Darren, tears slowly fell down her cheeks. Since she had cried before, her eyes had been red and swollen, and her face was covered with tears. She wanted to ask him why he had to say sorry, but she already knew what he was thinking about.

She would feel sadder if she knew the reason.

She slowly stood up from the ground and sat on the bed. Looking at Darren, she said, "So you've decided to marry Rose, so as to make up for her, right?"

Darren nodded. "Yes, I choose to make it up to her. I know it's unfair to you, but I can't bear to make such a mistake. I want to relieve some of my guilt."

Amanda looked at Darren's red eyes, who was decisive and cruel, with sympathy from the beginning to the end. He had the slightest respect for life, so she didn't complain when he made the decision. On the contrary, she felt a little relieved from the bottom of her heart. Maybe in this way, she could make up for


But there was no response from her. She sneered, "Threaten? Who on earth was threatening? Darren, you chose to marry another woman and even asked me to give birth to a baby for you. Don't you think you are a little naive? I'm not afraid to tell you, the child must be taken away by me, or I won't allow him to give birth," she said.

His body shook with fear. He raised his hand, grabbed Amanda's neck and warned sharply, "Amanda, if you dare to hurt my baby, I will not spare you!"

She could hardly breathe, with her beautiful eyes staring straight at him. She used to miss him so much. She had been waiting for him to come back, to watch the baby growing up with him. She had waited for this moment for so long. She had been waiting for him to come back, but finally he abandoned her. He had wanted to marry another woman to make up for his mistake. But now he was so angry that he almost wanted to kill her.

If she had known that he would come back in such situation, would she have expected what was going to happen?

She didn't know. Now, the only thing Amanda could do was cry quietly. She couldn't say anything but looked at him in tears. He used to love her so much. Now, they were back to the old days when they were at daggers drawn with each other. Did their intimacy these days just a joke?

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