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   Chapter 345 The Reproach

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6354

Updated: 2020-03-25 01:46

Amanda couldn't sleep well last night. When she got up this morning, she was surprised to find that her eyes were swollen.

She went downstairs and sat down on her seat to have her breakfast slowly. But Gregorio's seat was empty. So, Amanda took a bite of the bread and felt bad.

The door was opened and a car drove over.

"Mr. Darren." The servant who was sweeping the snow at the door greeted in a hurry.


Amanda was shocked when she heard this name. She looked like a ghost. She raised her eyes slowly and saw Darren in black walking in. He looked haggard, with red eyes. There was no snow on him, but Amanda just felt chill all over her body.

Darren looked at Amanda. Rose came out of the emergency room. She had suffered the same pain as giving birth when she was in labor. Besides, she was too emotional, which caused the wound dehiscence and hemorrhage. She almost died.

At the same time, Amanda was sitting at the table. She was wearing formally and looked pretty. She was eating bread slowly with a bread in her hand. Was she able to feel at ease? How could she feel at ease? After killing Rose's child, she felt that she had avenged herself. So was she happy?

"Mr. Darren, what would you like to eat?" The servant asked attentively.

Darren looked at Amanda and answered, "Corn chicken congee."

On hearing this, Amanda stood up and said, "Let me cook for you."

Darren didn't say anything more. The rest sensed the awkward atmosphere, so they didn't dare to say anything. When Amanda was about to cook, they all gave her a quick help.

At this time, Amanda had got a big belly. She looked a little fat. In the video, she had shouted at him and laughed at him recklessly. But now she felt like she was going to shrink in a corner. She walked around the kitchen with a big belly.

In fact, Darren wasn't hungry at all. But when the servant asked him, he sa

re you talking about?" Hearing what she said, Darren flew into a rage. "Do you think kids are just chips in your eyes? A commodity that can be dealt?"

Amanda then leaned against the blanket and kept silent.

Seeing her crying, Darren said bitterly, "You promised me that you would take good care of yourself. I have told you that I would handle it. Why do you insist on looking for her?"

'He would deal with it?' How familiar the lines were! When she got the news that Rose was pregnant, Darren told her that he would deal with it. His grandfather asked Rose to declare her pregnancy in public, and then Rose began to have rest. Now, Darren also said that he would come to handle the matter, but he just waited for the birth of the child and did nothing. He would find an excuse and get away with it at that time. After all, the baby had been born. No one would care about the matters in the past.

So, why did things go this way? Why did things go out of control? Who was wrong from the very beginning?

'I don't think I'm the right person for this kind of life. No matter how hard Gregorio tries to help me, I'm just a common woman. I don't have that ability. I shouldn't involve in these things. A simple life is more suitable for me, ' Amanda thought.

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