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   Chapter 344 He Felt Sorry For Her

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6717

Updated: 2020-03-25 01:53

"I didn't expect that Amanda is such a despicable person. She even tried to kill a child," said Nancy, gritting her teeth.

A throbbing pain came to Rose's temples, but there was no expression on her face at the moment, and she didn't know what kind of expression she should have. When the doctor finally announced the death of her child, she finally relaxed. Although she felt sad, the baby finally helped her before the baby died.

Maybe God was really mean to her. She couldn't seize Darren, the only one she loved, even not willing to leave him a child.

In one of her regular checks, the doctor told her that the child was developing in a strange way. Under the influence of her body, it was likely that the child would not grow long. Since then, she couldn't sleep well again. She had spent a lot of money hiring the doctor to keep a secret for her and changed the record.

Since then, she began to worry about how to hide this from the people of the An family. If those people knew that she could not give birth to a healthy baby, then she would have no value. And she would lose no chip to fight against Amanda.

Especially she had done something to Amanda. If anything bad happened to Amanda, and she also couldn't give birth a healthy baby. Rose thought that she would have a miserable life in the future.

What a coincidence! She didn't except that Amanda would come out to look for her, to make a demonstration in an aggressive manner. People like Amanda were nothing in front of Rose. However, she clever got the chance to pretend to be pushed down by Amanda. The baby, who could hardly breathe, stopped breathing. Everything seemed to be fine with her. There was bitterness in Amanda's heart, she dodged the bodyguards to make a demonstration at her place, and angrily hurt Rose's baby.

Others might not be able to guarantee that, but Rose knew Darren very well. Because Darren attached great importance to his children and his persistence in his past was absolutely a painful result,

k, and then she said lightly, "I thought before that I was an illegitimate child, and no one had ever taken care of me since I was a child. I didn't want my child on the same page with me. I wanted to prove my right identity as your wife, so I made that stupid mistake. But why my retribution came so soon?"

As Rose murmured, her voice grew louder and louder, and her emotions became more emotional, she cried out, "I'd rather die myself. Let me die. Why the child died?" Rose shouted. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in the lower part of her body, and the wound in her belly surged out. The pain was so sharp that it looked like a knife cutting her.

"Rose." Seeing her crying like that, Darren could not help but hold her in his arms. No matter what happened, Amanda was fine now. However, it was a devastating blow to Rose. She had been too humble to love him, so how could he let her down again.

"My belly hurts," Rose said with disdain as she grabbed his hand. Darren then went to call the doctor. The doctor lifted the quilt and saw the blood flowing from the lower part of her body, and quickly pushed her into the emergency room.

Darren was waiting outside. He stood there as long as the light in the emergency room was on. Everything around seemed to be of no value. He just waited for the light in the emergency room.

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