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   Chapter 343 Lost The Baby

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6744

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Amanda took her eyes away from Rose. She suddenly didn't have the heart to see the sorrowful smile on Rose's face. Maybe she was so painful that she couldn't cry out. In the face of her enemies, she had to keep smiling no matter how awkward she was. She said in a low voice, "You'd better get up first. Let's talk about it later."

The door was knocked from the outside, and the assistant quickly ran to open the door. Maggie said in confusion, "The ambulance is so fast."

She didn't expect that it was Gregorio who came in. He pretended to be bringing some people with him to find Amanda. He came to find her a little bit earlier than Amanda had expected. It seemed that Gregorio had tried his best to help Amanda. Now, the man came just in time. So Amanda told Gregorio in a hurry, "Gregorio, send her to the hospital."

Seeing that Rose was lying on the ground, Gregorio's face turned pale. He quickly came to her and ordered his men to carry her into the car. He walked to the door and said to the bodyguard indifferently, "Send Miss Cheng back." In addition, Gregorio didn't say anything more.

"It's okay, Amanda. You didn't mean it." Maggie herself was also scared out of her wits. But she had to comfort Amanda. Amanda looked at Maggie and muttered, "Did I make a mistake? I really didn't want to push her. I was afraid when I saw her walking towards me, so I shook off her hand. I didn't expect that she would fall."

"It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. The baby is not that weak. She has been pregnant for such a long time. She must be in a good health. You pushed her and she drugged you, and you are even now," Maggie answered in a hurry.

The bodyguards took her inside the car. Instead of asking Maggie to go back with them, she sent someone to drive her home.

"Amanda, I'd better stay with you. I'm worried about you," Maggie answered in a hurry.

"No, it has nothing to do with you. Let me handle it." But deep in Amanda's heart, she had sensed that something was wrong. No matter what hap


'Did I kill Rose's child? What can I do?' she wondered.

The lights in the hospital were still on, and they would never be turned off at night. When Nancy came to the ward in a hurry after receiving the phone call from Rose, she saw that the face of Rose was deathly pale. Rose was lying in the bed dying, like an incomplete puppet. As soon as Nancy saw her, her eyes turned red, teardrops spilled over her eyes. Sitting next to Rose, she cried, "Rose, what happened to you?"

Rose was lying in bed, expressionless, staring straight at the ceiling, as if she was overwhelmed with sadness.

"Miss Nancy, calm down please. Rose just finished the operation. She is too weak to speak. She needs to recover these days," the assistant said.

Nancy nodded, wiped her tears and took the assistant outside to talk.

The assistant sighed and told the whole thing to Nancy.

"When I was packing up my stuff, I didn't see her. When I heard her cry, I ran to her and saw that she had fallen on the ground. Then someone came over and sent her to the hospital. The doctor said that the baby's heart had stopped, and it must be produced as soon as possible, otherwise the doctor can't even protect the mother's life. Poor little baby. He is five months old. Rose gave birth to the baby. But the baby was dead." The assistant said while crying.

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