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   Chapter 342 Something Happened

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7068

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"I think Darren will love your child too. After all, they are both from the An family," Amanda said. She didn't have the heart to say harsh words to the kid.

"Yes." Seeing Amanda revealing her kindness, Rose smiled more leisurely. "Every time I see his father's photo, the little fellow will kick me in the stomach. It can be seen that he also misses his father very much. Darren had said that if he had a child, he would take the child to dive and go to racing with him. I have always kept it in mind, letting my child like these."

As expected, a photo of deep sea was hanging on the wall. A racing model was on the shelf, which showed that Rose indeed kept Darren's words in mind.

Amanda found herself never knew how to be ruthless. She took a deep breath and said flatly, "I have never planned to make a move on you. I didn't expect you to be so impatient."

Seeing that she was getting to the point, Rose sat up and said indifferently, "Nothing in this world can be brought to you for free, and only when you fight and grab it, can you get it. Otherwise, only when you starve to death. Do you have any fair means back then?"

"What kind of method do I have?" Hearing this, Amanda smiled. She turned out to be a scheming woman in the eyes of Rose. She thought herself was a fool. But in Rose's eyes, she was a cunning woman.

"At that time, when I was with Darren, everyone knew that we were a couple as we were together. Amanda, think about it. Back then, you were even not a threat to us. But you intervened between Darren and me again and again, and finally took him away from me," Rose sneered.

"I took him away from you?" Amanda shook her head helplessly. "Of course you don't believe me. I was forced into a relationship with Darren back then. But I was moved by his love for me. I like him too. We have a legal marriage. That's enough."

"A legal marriage? You stole him away! I once sympathized with you and thought you were a pathetic woman. I didn't expect that you were such a capable woman. When Darren was with you, he only cared about you. He thought you were a pathetic woman and

ed by the sudden change, because she saw Rose coming towards Amanda and she tried to hold Amanda's arms. Then Amanda shook her hand, and Rose fell to the ground. It was obvious that Amanda didn't plan to do so, because Rose came here voluntarily.

"My belly aches." Covered her belly with her hands, and soon sweat began to appear on Rose's forehead. She felt so painful that tears came out from her eyes. Originally, she was heavy and her center of gravity became unstable. Due to the push of Amanda, she hit her belly again.

Amanda went to help her. "Don't touch me, Amanda. If there's anything wrong with the baby, I won't let you go," shouted Rose, shaking off her hands.

When Amanda heard Rose's words, she couldn't help but clench her fists, and her nails cut into her palms, making her feel painful. "When you planned to kill my kid, did you ever think about my feelings?" she asked.

"Please don't say anything more. Just call the ambulance at once," Maggie urged.

The assistant came to her senses and went to make the phone call in tears.

Maggie stepped forward and said, "Stand up first. It's cold on the ground."

But Rose pushed away Maggie's hand, looked at Amanda, and said with a smile, "You see? I'm pregnant too. But if you have an accident, there are so many people around you. But I have to hide in such a remote place. Every time I have to go to the hospital by myself."

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