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   Chapter 341 The War Between The Two Women

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"Madam, they insisted on breaking in, I couldn't even stop them." The assistant was pushed away by Maggie. She then ran to Rose.

Looking at Amanda and her protruding belly, Rose smiled slightly and said, "Long time no see."

"Are you disappointed?" Amanda stood in front of Rose and looked at her. Even though she was pregnant now, she still dressed up delicately every day. She had exquisite eyebrows which were carefully drawn. She had a charming red lips and a white cheongsam, looking like a celebrity.

Amanda said those words with a cold tone. Rose was confused by what she said. "What do you mean by that? I don't understand."

"I don't care if you understand or not. We are not here to talk rubbish to you," Maggie said.

Looking at her assistant, who was worried about her. Rose said, "You have nothing to do here. You can go first."

The assistant nodded and went over.

Looking at Amanda, Rose said with a smile, "You look great." As she spoke, Rose looked at Amanda's belly and added, "A few months have passed. Your belly looks a little bigger than mine."

Amanda covered her belly with her coat. She didn't like the way that Rose looked at her belly. It made her uneasy as if there was a snake crawling on her belly. Amanda drew back with fear.

Maggie stood in front of Amanda, looking at Rose coldly, and said, "Don't pretend to be kind here. Do you think no one knows what you did? I'm telling you. They would have failed a long time ago."

'What?' Rose thought. "I don't know what you are talking about," said Rose with a smile.

"The call record, the transfer record, the cook's bank account, and the evidence of your meeting with him, do you think you are smarter and more capable than the people of the An Group?" Amanda said, who was sitting on the sofa opposite to Rose.

Hearing that, the smile on Rose's face froze slightly. Slowly,

's true. I've been watching a comedy, and I'm very happy with the peace and tranquility I've never seen before. I think I'm not afraid of anything, as long as it's for the child," Rose said calmly.

"I'm not as lucky as you are. In fact, I want to be happy as well. I should live happily and take care of myself since my family has spoiled me so much. However, what happened to me few days ago really shocked me, and my mood is not the same as yours," Amanda sighed.

"The difficulties can toughen one's will. I believe after all the things you've been through, you'll be stronger," Rose said, blinking her eyes. Her delicate makeup looked as flawless as a porcelain doll. She looked at Amanda with a pair of slightly brown eyes and said calmly.

Amanda nodded her head and said, "I do need to learn from you. Darren taught me a lesson last night. I always in a bad mood these days. So I often took it out on him. When he came back, I will apologize to him."

Hearing the name of Darren, Rose's face changed slightly, and then said with a smile, "How's Darren? He must be very busy in Germany. I don't know if he has lost weight or not. He loves the tie I wear for him the most. Besides, the baby is looking forward to his father every day."

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