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   Chapter 340 The Prepared Rope

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"Don't think too much. The public basically has no reaction now. After all, everyone needs to spread some interesting news. It's hard to get the information of these pregnant people all the time. Moreover, the media does not dare to make up a story because An family's power. Even the common members of the family do not know the specific information." Seeing her worry, Gregorio didn't hide any more.

Could it be true? So Rose just stayed at home and had a rest for her pregnancy? She added, "How much did she pay to buy the cook of the An family?"

"Two million," Gregorio replied.

"Two million is enough for the cook to drug me? Isn't he worried about the consequences of drugging me?" The corner of Amanda's lips lifted into a sneer. 'What a bargain. Does it mean that as long as I pay five million, I can kill Rose's child?' she thought.

"The wind is a bit strong now. Let's go back. You can't show your dissatisfaction with Darren anymore. He has been caring about you. You should try to control your emotion. At least, don't let him be on the alert at this time," Gregorio said.

Amanda nodded. She thought she couldn't be the wilful woman all the time and always depended on Darren. She had to learn to be strong by herself.

In the evening, as expected, Darren called Amanda. Amanda nodded and answered the phone lazily, leaning against the bed.

"Do you feel cold at home? I learned from the weather forecast that it's snowing again." The beginning was normal, as if nothing had happened last time.

"There are lots of stars," Amanda replied, looking out of the window. The voice on the phone was a little vague, as if she just woke up.

"Are you sleepy?" He said.

"I'm fine." At night, Gregorio made a special flavor of plum blossom cake with red plum blossom. It was fragrant and soft. Amanda had witnessed the strange craft of Gregorio again. It was a pity that Gregorio didn't be a cook. She had stored some food

as not that easy to be bullied.

Not knowing what the An family was going to do, Rose was anxious and fearful. She couldn't get any news from the An family. She thought that no news was the best news. She didn't know that Amanda had had an accident and the cooks she hired had been exposed.

She had expected that Amanda lost the baby and died with the baby. If Darren lost Amanda, he would be sad. Rose wanted Darren to be sad. If so, she would always be with him. She would make the child of Amanda become the past, and she and Darren would be together forever.

So when Rose saw Amanda walking in slowly with a white coat covering her big belly, she was surprised.

Maggie was with Amanda. She called a taxi. When she ran out, Amanda told her their arrangement.

The plan was that Amanda insisted on visiting her brother. Darren wasn't willing to, but he agreed. After getting Darren's permission, Gregorio arranged Amanda to meet her brother. In the meantime, she made use of the restroom to change her clothes and ran out of the hospital from the back door. And Maggie was awaiting her there. This plan was to make Maggie involve in completely. It seemed that Gregorio had nothing to do with it.

However, Amanda didn't care about that at all. What she wanted to see was only Rose.

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