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   Chapter 338 His Support

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 5988

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"Don't argue with me. You just tell me what useful things have you done during your pregnancy?" Gregorio replied flatly.

Amanda was speechless. Because she did nothing. She just ate and slept well. Moreover, Gregorio had taught her a lesson. He told her to be stronger. Only by doing so, could she stop being suspicious and disturbed all day long and no one would ever look down upon her.

"You are so talkative. Now I'm trapped here. I can do nothing. All I can do is to take a walk for my unborn baby. What else can I do?" Amanda continued in a low voice after taking a deep breath.

"It is you that insist on using this chip as a burden. Think about it. You can make a great achievement if you do the right things," Gregorio said.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." The snow flakes on the floor blew away by the wind. Although it was snowing, the room was warm and dark, making her want to open the window and breathe fresh air outside.

"You had a good idea. Go to visit Rose," said Gregorio.

Amanda widened her eyes in shock. She had thought that he didn't keep his words, but now he asked for more.

"At least you should give her a warning by telling her that you had known what she was doing."

On hearing this, Amanda smiled bitterly. "Even Mr. Nicholas wouldn't harm her. What's the point of telling me?"

"It's different. Your grandfather cares about the baby in her belly, but you don't care. So she is worried that you might do something to hurt it. Whether the baby is alive or not, Mr. Darren will be with you. But if Rose loses her baby, there will be no connection between her and the family. At that time, the An family will only make a clean break with her as soon as possible. She is more afraid of missing the child than you are. We should

er soft hair fell on his arm like running water. There was also a fragrance of shampoo on her head, which was mixed specially for her, with a very good aroma of lily flowers.

With her head resting on the shoulders of Gregorio, Amanda sighed and said, "If only you were my brother! Then I can rest assured with you!"

"So, are you still on your guard?" Gregorio sneered.

"I'm not on my guard. I just feel sorry that it's too risky for you to help me. If you were my brother, I could let you do this," Amanda murmured.

"I don't need it." The corner of Gregorio's mouth turned up.

Amanda rested her head on his shoulder. She fell asleep slowly without saying anything. Feeling that her breath became smooth, Gregorio stretched her body slightly. Then he picked her up and put her on the bed. After tucking her in, he left the room quietly.

He seemed to be still holding her breath on his shoulder. The warm yellow apricot lamp shone on him, making him look like a sweet candy. The snow was very big. Gregorio opened a big black umbrella, and soon the umbrella was covered with a layer of white snow. His car was parked here, but Gregorio chose to walk forward instead of driving.

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