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   Chapter 335 An Disconnected Video Call

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6172

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Speaking of this, Amanda said coldly, "Maggie, don't be cheated by him. I always can't believe what he said."

"Is he lying to us?" Maggie frowned and thought, 'If so, I have to think carefully about what Gregorio said just now.' Then she said, "Was it not Rose who wanted to hurt you?"

"He should not hide it from us as the result will not affect him." Amanda shook her head and added, "But I'm wondering how is Rose now."

"Do you care about her? I advise you not to worry too much. You should take care of yourself." Maggie said hastily. She didn't want Amanda to have anything to do with Rose anymore. She had seen what kind of people Rose was. Rose had gone to all sorts of cruel means. She had pretended to be pitiful and threatened Darren with her life last time.

If Amanda went to see Rose again, and listened to her talk about the romantic past with Darren, it would be totally horrible.

In the evening, Maggie was picked up by the Zhao family. Maggie didn't want to go back, but the Zhao family was going to attend a dinner party of a partner. As Henry's wife, she had to go there. So she left reluctantly, with a box of snacks in her hands.

When Gregorio came to have dinner, the cabinet was almost empty. The corner of his mouth twitched. "Don't tell me you cleaned it for the whole afternoon."

"How can we eat that much? She took all of them back home." Amanda didn't like the snacks, and Maggie liked them more than she did. So she asked Maggie to take them away, especially the chips.

Suddenly, Amanda smiled and said, "I think you are right."

"What?" Gregorio asked.

With a smile, Amanda drew a circle on her belly. "A mother's fighting. I think you will help me, won't you?"

The expression on Gregorio's face changed slightly. He looked away and said, "I think you would like the fish congee tonight."

rren immediately answered with dissatisfaction.

'I'm speechless. Why is he so impatient? Why didn't he click the second time after being rejected?' she thought. After a long time, Amanda comforted herself by pouting, "I'm pregnant now. Though I work too hard to type, it's more convenient to speak. HMM, that's it. And when I turn on the camera, I can see his face which I taught him a lesson, which makes me feel better."

So she decisively clicked the video invitation. Darren stood up and went to pour water for himself, so he didn't reply to Amanda. After he drank a glass of water, he found that the request Amanda had sent to him had been cancelled automatically since he hadn't given her reply for a long time. Darren immediately clicked on it, and Amanda refused him repeatedly in anger. 'He was too unreasonable to ignore me!' she thought.

Darren explained quickly, "I went to get a glass of water, so I didn't see your invitation."

Amanda put on a hopeless face. She was still angry when she saw Darren's invitation, especially when she thought of what Gregorio had said. Although she would not hurt Rose's baby, the An family's attitude was obvious. They didn't care her feelings, they only cared two babies.

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