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   Chapter 331 A Shocking Secret

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6518

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"Both of them are too shy to open their minds." A smile appeared on Gregorio's face. He sat down opposite Maggie and took out the fresh litchi. He peeled the shell to reveal the snow-white flesh. "The same as this litchi. It's so beautiful but you have to wrap it in the ugly shell. You have to break it with your external force so that others can see its flesh."

Maggie looked at the round fruit. Her appetite was stirred. She immediately peeled a few and eat. Then she said, "The fruit here is so good. I didn't eat much meal today. I ate all the fruit here."

Seeing that she changed the topic, Gregorio didn't insist. Instead, he smiled and said, "If you like it, you can stay a few more days. Miss Ning is very welcomed to live in the this family. The person who can live in here is not an ordinary person."

"I know, even though it is Rose, she is not qualified to live here," Maggie said indifferently.

The smile on Gregorio's face faded. He looked away and asked the servants to fetch the potted plant. When there was nobody else in the living room, he said, "Who wants to know this?" 'Was it Amanda or Maggie who wanted to know about this?' he wondered.

Maggie looked up at him, "It doesn't matter who wants to know. We are determined to advance and retreat together."

"If she wants to know something about this, I can only choose the best words to tell her, because she is not suitable to know many things. If you want to know something about her, I can tell you more, because you will not tell her." Then Gregorio added, "If you really want the best for her, you will not tell her."

Maggie's heart was sinking. She thought it was bad news. Numerous thoughts flashed through her mind, but she then firmly said, "It is okay. You can tell me everything."

Gregorio poured himself a cup of tea. Maggie waited for a long time with worry. Seeing that Gregorio was sipping tea leisurely, she raised her eyebrows and said with dis

kind of thing be put into Amanda's food? What are you doing?"

"If you get furious again, I won't say anything," Austin replied flatly.

Maggie sat on the sofa, as if she were sitting on a stud. As expected, she was unable to calm down at the moment. Someone put an abortion pill into Amanda's food. Could she eat that easily? Fortunately, the baby in her womb was fine, or she would definitely pull out the person who had drugged her and cut her into pieces.

"The manor is always well guarded. But after Miss Cheng divorced Mr. Darren, living here is inevitably disreputable. Besides, money makes the mare go. There must be someone who has made a mistake," Gregorio said coldly.

Maggie stared at him. "Do you know who did it?"

"In here. I can know whatever I want to know. To be frank, who doesn't want the baby born the most is the murderer," said Gregorio.

"Do you mean Rose?"

Gregorio hurriedly turned back to look at the person who asked the question. But he didn't know when Amanda was standing on the second floor. She looked at them quietly and asked.

"Amanda, you are sleeping, aren't you? Why are you up?" As soon as Maggie saw Amanda, Maggie stood up. She didn't want Amanda to hear what she and Gregorio had talked about. But now, Amanda seemed to have heard it.

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