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   Chapter 330 Don't Be So Unreasonable

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6849

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"Well, I can't talk to you anymore. My husband is still worried about me," Amanda said. After she talked with Lionel, Amanda found that Lionel was in a good mood. She thought that Lionel had a good relationship with Josie, which made her feel relieved.

Although she and Lionel once had a relationship and they loved each other deeply, after so many years, not everyone had to be with the one they loved for the first time. It had been so long, and so many things had happened. Although that relationship was very good, it could no longer be maintained. She had already fallen in love with Darren, Darren had done so much for her, and at the same time, she also hoped that Lionel would have his own love, and they could fall in love with each other.

If only Josie could win his heart, Amanda would only wish them happiness. Now it seemed that Josie was indeed that woman who won Lionel's love.

After that, Lionel handed the phone to Darren, and the latter said, "You just woke up. Don't talk too much. Have a good rest." She had said something nice to others, why should he listen to her?

"Don't you want to listen to me?" She couldn't believe that Darren could be so tough to talk to her.

"Don't make a fuss. Go to bed first," Darren said. He thought that she just woke up and had said too much words. He had to take care of the baby in her womb.

"Fine, I'll go get some rest. I won't call you again," Amanda compromised after hearing the overbearing order from Darren.

"I'll call you later." Sensing her anger, Darren gave a smile.

'Bastard, ' she thought. Holding the phone hung up by her, Amanda was still in a sulk. Maggie pushed the door open and came in, bringing a plate of fresh strawberry, "The fruit here is good."

"Give me one," Amanda proposed.

Maggie sat down with the fruit plate and said, "You can't eat it now. It's too cold. If you want to eat, I can ask them to prepare strawberry milk or strawberry juice for you."

"But I want to eat the whole strawberry," she said. 'Darren pissed me off on the ph

manda used to be an easy-going person. She made great efforts to keep the secret from others. Now she wants to talk about it, but the person is not with her. I don't understand. What's the big deal? Why do you have to ask Darren to leave? It's just the beginning of her pregnancy. No one stayed by her side when her baby is in the most dangerous condition."

"Yes, I heard that the work is almost finished there. Since Mr. Darren and Mr. Lionel are there, they are almost as capable as each other. If Mr. Darren can hand over his work to Mr. Lionel, Mr. Lionel can also finish it by himself. And then Mr. Darren can come back soon. After that, there is nothing else. But Mr. Darren is always responsible for his business. You can persuade him if you really want to," Gregorio said.

"Do you want me to persuade him?" Maggie said suspiciously, "I barely talk with Darren. How can I persuade him? He won't listen to me even if I persuade him."

"But you are his wife's good friend. With this identity, he might listen to you. In fact, I know her. Amanda would never ask for Mr. Darren's company. You're her best friend, so it's okay for her to ask you to help her," Gregorio said.

Maggie looked at Gregorio and asked directly, "if Darren can leave the work at any time, then I think he will immediately do it. He doesn't need our outsiders to persuade him."

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