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   Chapter 321 Take Care Of Your Wife

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"This meeting is over now. You can go to arrange it and wait for further notice." After collected the documents, Darren walked out of the meeting room.

He hadn't had a rest for three consecutive days. Now his eyes were bloodshot.

Sophie passed him a cup of condensed nutritious juice, and asked with concern, "Mr. Darren, are you sure you want to continue your work? You should have a rest."

"Now it's a critical moment for this. I have to check the current condition with Lionel. You go to get on the line and call him. We'll have a video conference in ten minutes," said Darren.

Left with no choice, Sophie went downstairs to arrange.

Darren went back to the lounge. The surroundings were all in dark color. It was not cold at home at night here. Sometimes the heater was not necessary to be turned on. The wind was moist and water was condensed on the glass. He didn't turn on the light but just pulled open the curtain. With the light spots, the sea in the distance floated like a white line in the dark night.

He unlocked his phone. On the screen of his phone, a sleeping picture of Amanda popped up. He smiled and touched the screen with his finger, as if he could touch her face directly across the screen. He took up the cup and drank up the nutrition juice in it. After that, he turned off the phone and his eyes returned to cold. He still had a lot of things to do.

The new agreement had been reached, and it seemed that his grandfather had made a great concession. As long as he handled this matter in Germany well, Mr. Nicholas promised that he would help Lionel and Darren to meet their requirements. Then he would help Lionel win back the power of the Gu family, and let him become Darren's right-hand man. What was more, he would make Darren take charge of the head quarter of the An Group.

The video conference was ready quickly.

"Things are not going well. We seem to have messed with the local gangs. I'm trying to ne

en had asked Sophie to send the files to Gregorio, he didn't get something straight.

"You don't need to thank me. I'm just an old man. I don't want to be a nuisance. And I don't want you, my grandson to dislike me. I have to go." He cast a glance at Darren, turned around and left.

In a good mood, Darren immediately called Amanda. But the latter never put her phone by her side during sleep, so even if he called a dozen times, there was no response.

Even though Amanda didn't answer the phone, Darren still couldn't hold back his enthusiasm.

"Mr. Darren, it's time to meet the police officer from the local police department," Sophie said out of the door.

When Darren was about to call the household telephone in the An family, he stopped his finger after hearing what Sophie said. He did have something more important to do now, because he had to deal with the cases in his hand earlier, so he could go home earlier. Therefore, he hung up the phone, and went downstairs to take a meeting.

Under the night sky, a low-key black Buick was parked downstairs. Nicholas felt relieved when he saw Darren and Sophie rushing out together. Because he thought that Darren was not obsessed with love. But then he turned to the crowd and said, "Be careful. Don't make any mistakes at this time."

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