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   Chapter 320 Josie's Visit

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7694

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:12

"I'm not feeling so well all of a sudden." Rose covered her mouth, rushed to the edge of the washing pool and spit it out.

At the same time, Nancy was having afternoon tea with Rose. Seeing that she threw up again when she didn't look well, Nancy looked worried. In a hurry, she came up to her and patted on her back to help her breathe more smoothly. She said worriedly, "What's wrong with you, Rose? You have vomited for a long time. Let's go to the hospital and have a check-up."

"No. It's just the normal morning sickness," Rose said. Although she had put on the delicate makeup, she still looked pale and feeble.

"It's really troublesome to get pregnant. How is Amanda now?" Nancy asked.

Hearing her words, Rose's eyes were filled with resentment. "What else can she do? Everything she had in the manor was carefully prepared for her, and everyone in the manor had to follow her arrangement. And doctors and servants had to prepare themselves for her. How could it be not good?"

"It's so unfair. You are the one who got pregnant first. Why don't they take care of you? Why do they prefer that divorced woman? Aren't you pregnant with his child too?" Nancy said.

Hearing that, Rose's expression froze and her eyes were in a moment of panic. She quickly suppressed her emotions and said indifferently, "It doesn't matter. In fact, the situation is much better than I expected. At least, no one forced me to abort the child."

"Everyone is looking forward to you giving birth to the baby as soon as possible. After all, in our hearts, we all think that you are the most suitable person for Mr. Darren," Nancy said and nodded.

Rose nodded with a mocking smile. The people who thought Rose was the most suitable person for Darren were green hands in the working world and they had looked forward those love stories about princesses and princesses. They looked forward to a great future in those workplace, and a lot of seemingly romantic but ridiculous guesses could do nothing to help Rose.

In other people's eyes, she was more like a joke. She was already pregnant, but they still did not allow her to go into their house. Now, it was impossible for Rose to shoot movies or the advertisement at all. If so, there would be some dissatisfaction in the An family. Gregorio asked he

again. Look how bad I am these days. I haven't eaten up the protein powder you gave me last time." Moved by Josie's caring words, Rose held her hand and said, "Josie, I didn't expect that you would worry about me at this time. I have been here alone all these days. In fact, I feel very nervous and worried after I am pregnant."

"Don't think too much. Nothing is more important than your baby right now," Josie added.

Being ignored by Josie, Nancy felt uncomfortable. But she didn't dare to say anything. But then Josie turned to Nancy and asked, "Nancy, where is Darren? I didn't see him go to his usual club. Was he stumbled by someone?"

"Mr. Darren went abroad," said Nancy suddenly.

"Aboard? Where did he go?" Josie asked.

"He has gone to Germany. There are some arrangements in the company," Nancy said.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in her mind. 'So, he is now in the same place with Lionel. Why did Nicholas call them there?' she thought.

"I still have something to deal with. I come here to see you first. If you have anything, you can call me," Josie comforted Rose. Then she stood up and left.

When Josie was escorted out by Nancy, she smiled at her, which was rare. "Stay here and take good care of Rose, okay? She's all alone, and I believe she needs a friend like you the most."

"Miss Xia, thank you so much for coming here to visit her. You are nicer than me," Nancy said with a smile. After all, it would be beneficial for everyone if Rose could get a chance to work for the Xia Group.

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