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   Chapter 319 Miss Lin

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6370

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"Go to rest. I'll do it here." Replied Gregorio.

But Amanda just stood there quietly with his head down.

She didn't know why, but she still felt so confused. Amanda said, "Is this really what I can do? Can I do that? "

"You can turn around and get out. Take good care of your kid. Gregorio replied flatly.

Amanda was surprised to find that he was talking strangely, and then she realized that he was laughing at her. She was so angry that he came over and grabbed a handful of flour and slapped it on Gregorio's face and said angrily, "you're making fun of me."

Gregorio turned his face, the flour on his face forming the pattern of the five fingers mountain, match with his good-looking face, and looked unexpectedly harmonious, just like a young boy with a mysterious tribe totem. It turned out that despite being handsome, so he wouldn't make the scene funny.

Seeing this, a small smile curved the corners of his mouth. He asked, "is this your way to make you feel better?"

Amanda did feel better after she played a trick on Gregorio by winking.

"Stupid people like to use physical action to psychological balance." Gregorio replied flatly.

"Gregorio, I'll fight it out with you." But to her surprise, he called her a fool. She managed to swing her hands and found a piece of potato chips dropping onto the ground, wet. He slipped and fell backwards out of control. She let out a scream and saw that the smile on Gregorio's face changed immediately. He rushed to her and pulled her got it.

Amanda hadn't recovered from the shock and was about to fall. When she was leaning against the Gregorio, her heartbeat was still pounding wildly. If she fell down, no one knew what would happen. Fortunately, the Gregorio reacted quickly and rushed over to stop her.

"It's okay. You shouldn't enter the kitchen now." Gregorio picked Amanda up sideways and walked out. He carried her dir

oard will be ruined if it is tainted with other kinds of smell."

Amanda looked at him, feeling wronged. "You're so unreasonable. I only talked about you for a while and you stopped me eating. I like to put it here. What's wrong?"

With a hasty wave of his hand, she said, "Okay, okay, I'll go. You may continue with your meal." He stood up. Amanda immediately asked, "where are you going?"

"Well, you don't want me to leave?" Gregorio laughed.

"Yes." "Okay," Amanda replied.

He paused for a second and then took up his coat and said, "If Mr. Darren hear this, I would lose my job."

Amanda said, "You're thinking too much. I don't want you to leave because of what you just said. Teacher, when will the class start again?"

Teacher? How dare she call me like that. The corners of Gregorio's mouth twitched. He looked at the girl, and said with a helpless smile, "Miss Amanda, please eat your chips. I'm not going to sacrifice myself for the education." After saying that, he stood up and left.

"What's wrong with him?" Then she took a piece of crisps and put it in her mouth. The fresh flavor of tomato and shrimp made her squint immediately and eat more. She had to admit that his skill was really good. He was so good that she wanted to eat more.

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