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   Chapter 318 Change Yourself

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7075

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Amanda pouted. She finished her porridge slowly and even had a fried egg, which was about the same as her normal appetite. After eating, she was led to help Gregorio. She wanted to do something.

"Let me peel them for you." She saw that Gregorio had picked up many round potatoes, and she was satisfied, so she offered to speak to him.

After giving her a glance, Gregorio cleaned the potatoes and directly put them on the machine nearby. In a short while, the well cut, round, soft potatoes fell into the basket.

The corner of Amanda's mouth twitched. She didn't know that she didn't even need to exert herself to peel potatoes. Then she wouldn't have to do anything else.

Gregorio boiled the pot and asked Amanda to cut potatoes for him.

"Don't you have a machine to cut potato?" Amanda asked. She looked around the kitchen and found many machines that she didn't know.

"Do you want to eat or not?" Gregorio said flatly. He pushed her to the edge of the chopping board, raised the corner of his lips. He indeed had that machine, but he wanted to find her something to do. So he simply let her cut potatoes. When a housewife was depressed, she would vent her anger and dissatisfaction by cutting vegetables. At least, Amanda could find a way to release her emotions.

But Amanda didn't know what was on Gregorio's mind. When she picked up the kitchen knife, the maids aside were scared out of their wits, because they were afraid that Amanda would hurt herself. But Amanda was confident in her own knife skills. She held on to the potato with one hand, and held the kitchen knife in the other. As she cut, the pieces of potato slid into the water and spread in the water neatly and clean.

"You have done a good job," Gregorio said.

"Of course. My cooking skill is as good as yours," Amanda said. If not, why did Darren, that cunning man, ask her to cook porridge for him every night?

"Now you come to make the ingredients. You can make whatever you want," Gregorio said.

"Mr. Lin, Miss Cheng might be tired. Let her have a rest. Let me do it." The maid hurried towards him and said.


independent. I didn't mean that you are not strong. It's not about character. It's about the path you are going to take. If you want to be strong, you have to work harder than others," Gregorio said.

"Make more efforts. But what am I going to do? I don't know what I should do," Amanda murmured.

"Have a clear understanding of your own situation. To know the people around you and the people who are interests-related with you. Integrate the manpower and resources. To know the current situation of the Cheng family, the Xia family, the Gu family, Darren's company and Rose's child. All of them are related to you and have something to do with you. And they might have an influence on you. You have to think it through and see them clearly," Gregorio said as he looked at her calmly, as if they were only talking some common words. But every word he said showed deep meaning, which made Amanda had to listen to him.

Seeing that she was shocked and worried, Gregorio sighed. He was too hasty. It was not suitable to say such words to a pregnant woman who was nourishing the fetus. But the problem was, he couldn't stand Amanda's painful expression. She always be bullied by others. Although she wouldn't act hysterically, she had to suppress her feelings and silently shed tears. She was not good enough. She had to get rid of the past and become a tough fighter if she wanted to marry Darren again.

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