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   Chapter 316 He's Going To Piss Me Off

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6438

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"Oh, what is it? In your eyes, I must be unpardonable. What's my advantage? You don't have to pity me because I'm an orphan. Then you're no different from those people who discriminate against me," Gregorio replied flatly.

"Stop talking nonsense. I'm an orphan too, and it's not easy for me to live my own life. Why should I feel pity for you because of that? I'm the one being pitied. You can find your girl at ease, and I can't even get married by myself," Amanda said. The more she thought about what had happened to herself, the sadder Amanda felt. She turned around and walked into the room. She sat on the sofa and held Luna in her arms.

Initially, Gregorio was just playing a trick on Amanda. But out of his expectation, Amanda thought her sad past. He rushed over and blurted out, "What's wrong with your marriage? Do you feel dissatisfied? To tell you the truth, you are the first woman who can draw Mr. Darren's attention like this."

"But he has a lot of mistresses, doesn't he?" Amanda asked.

"Who are you referring to? Who do you think he is? He doesn't have many girlfriends. Mr. Darren isn't a man obsessed with relationship. He's a cold-blooded man. No one can stand him," said Gregorio.

"Aren't you afraid that he might come back and make trouble for you?" It was a rare chance for Amanda to hear Gregorio speak ill of Darren bluntly. But he did it because he wanted her to be relieved. She held Luna and said, "Give me the papers. I want to read it."

Her voice was so soft and warm that it made Gregorio feel warm when he heard her words. 'She loves Darren so much. She might be angry with him. But she will forgive him quickly, ' he thought.

After sending the files to her, Amanda opened the files on the tablet PC.

He saw that Amanda had calmed down, turned around and opened the door to leave.

"Mr. Lin." Amanda's voice came from behind. He stopped and turned around to look at her

"I'm sleepy." She yawned, held the pillow and groaned.

He finally cooled down and lay down beside Amanda. "It's okay. Let's sleep."

"Don't wake me up again." Then she went on to sleep on his shoulder.

Amanda kicked him so hard that he couldn't stand it anymore. So he asked the servant to put the blanket under the bed. The floor was covered with thick and soft carpets. Darren didn't feel a thing when he fell to the ground. He could sleep as long as he turned over. And Amanda wouldn't be awakened.

But soon he found something more horrible.

It was that since the floor was covered by the thick blanket. Amanda had been very indulgent in her sleep at night. She tossed and turned in her sleep. Sometimes, after she kicked Darren out of bed, she fell to the ground too and hit Darren.

Later, Darren urged Amanda again and again. And Amanda had to control herself.

Now, Amanda lay alone on the big empty bed. She recalled how they used to sleep together. She pouted and muttered, "Amanda, you have to be strong. How can you act like you can't live without him?"

After she finished speaking the second before, she suddenly opened the file. It was an audio record.

She clicked the play button, and the recording started. Darren's voice came from the iPad.

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