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   Chapter 313 Marriage And True love

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6442

Updated: 2020-03-18 00:22

"It's a long way but it's really comfortable here," Maggie leaned on the pillow and smiled.

"It's indeed comfortable here. But if I can live somewhere else, I don't want to live here," Amanda said.

Maggie asked with concern, "How are you doing here?"

Amanda told her experience to Maggie. When Maggie heard the story and the truth of their divorce. She was surprised and could not say anything.

"So he did everything for you." Maggie said with red rimmed eyes, "I have misunderstood him before. Now I'm sure that he is a good man. If you marry him, I will be relieved."

"We have divorced. I won't get married so easily." Thinking of Darren's cold face when he left, Amanda was so tired.

"Don't worry. He definitely doesn't want you to be worried. But sometimes, Darren's bad temper is really unbearable. But if he let go of the thing he has done for you, you must be in prison now." Maggie held her hands and said sincerely, "If a man can take such a big risk for you, it doesn't matter that he has a cold face. The man who says honey words all day is not reliable, right?"

"You mean Henry?" Amanda asked.

"Don't change the subject!" Maggie shouted.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders and said, "It seems that you like sweet words."

"We haven't had any sweet words. We are noisy every day," Maggie said.

"Young people are always energetic and full of energy," Amanda made a joke. However, Maggie took a pillow and hit her.

"To be honest, Lionel had come to the Zhao family after you disappeared, and all the family members looked very strange." Maggie recalled what had happened to Lionel earlier and told Amanda, "I felt weird later and asked Henry about it. It turned out that his father got married with Mrs. Xia first and then fell in love with Henry's mother while working outside. When he was about to divorce Mrs. Xia, she had already had his own child. He couldn't stand the pressure to aba

ther is still alive, she will definitely not force you to marry Darren. But there are not so many "if" in the world. We should be grateful to what we have at present. Although you feel confused, I always stay awake. Darren really cares about you and loves you very much. Let him solve this problem. If he can't give you a satisfactory answer, then we can find another way to solve the problem," Maggie cheered Amanda up.

"I heard something amazing," Gregorio said with a smile, leaning against the door.

Maggie raised her head and asked in dissatisfaction, "Mr. Lin, why didn't you knock?"

"Maybe you were so happy to see each other that you even forgot to close the door. How can I knock now?" Gregorio said.

Maggie looked at the door and found that she was indeed careless.

"I don't care if you hear us or not. We won't change our mind," Amanda said slowly.

"Can I ask how will you solve the problem if he can't give you a satisfactory answer?" Gregorio asked.

"No, you can't." Both of them refused him with one voice.

"Well, don't talk about the old days. Go to the hospital to visit your brother now. I have arranged everything for you," Gregorio said with a smile.

Maggie patted her head. "Damn it, I almost forget this important thing," she said.

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