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   Chapter 311 Enemy And Friend

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6671

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"You brat! Am I not important as your food?" Enraged, Amanda chased after it. To her surprise, Luna bypassed the food and wanted to out of the house.

The servant opened the door for Luna. Out of curiosity, Amanda followed the dog. And the servant followed Amanda.

Luna was like a snowflake and soon disappeared in the snow.

"Never mind. Just keep the door open for it." Amanda didn't want to go out at night. So she left after telling the servants.

On the other side, Darren had arrived in Germany and he met Nicholas in a castle.

Nicholas was sitting beside the furnace and listening to the music in the record machine leisurely. It seemed that he was relaxed and enjoyed, but Darren knew that it was not easy for him.

Because something finally happened to the raw factory in Germany.

Not only the accident, but also a lot of people died. This kind of accident would be a big impact on the An Group. If the negative news could not be controlled, it might cause a storm.

"Have you investigated the identity of the deceased?" Nicholas said lightly.

"Yes, I have," Darren said. Basically, the miners were all the stowaways who had been smuggled. If the media won't intervene, they could make it up for those workers' families with a lot of money. But that didn't mean that the problem could be solved once and for all by more compensation.

Nicholas was also thinking about it. After all, the reputation of the An Group couldn't be smashed like this.

"Grandfather, Amanda is pregnant," Darren sat down and said.

"I know it." In fact, Nicholas knew everything that happened in the manor.

"How about our bet?" Darren asked.

"Do you think it would work?" Nicholas sneered.

"So do you agree to accept Amanda?" Darren asked immediately.

Nicholas said lightly, "I didn't say that. The current case is very tricky. I'm too old to handle it. You two had better give me a satisfactory reply on this matter."

"We two? Is there anyone else with me?" Darren asked

matter of fact, there was no need to be against each other. They were like the old times when they were best friends.

"It's just we didn't meet. Did you see Amanda?" Lionel asked.

As soon as he had made up his mind to be responsible for Josie, he came to inquire about his wife's whereabouts. Feeling a little displeased, Darren flatly said, "She's fine."

"Although I'm already together with Josie, I will not hesitate to help Amanda if she needs me," Lionel replied.

"The problems between Amanda and I are internal conflicts. If you want to interfere, I won't give you a chance."

"You'd better do what you have said," Lionel said and then turned around and left.

'What is it? Did he threaten me?' Darren thought.

After turning around, Darren went back to his room. He frowned. Other people might not know how his grandfather was going, but he knew very well that the case was so tricky that whoever was responsible for it would be pushed to the fore in an instant. However, his grandfather asked them both to come over. What did he want to do? Who would be the person in the crosshairs?

He took out his phone and looked at the photo of Amanda. In the photo, Amanda was sleeping freely. Her shoulders were exposed, and her long hair was as silk. It had only been one day and he began to miss her so much.

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