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   Chapter 310 Cut The Crap

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6727

Updated: 2020-03-17 00:32

When Amanda woke up, it was sunny outside.

The warm sunshine fell on the glass window and the wood floor pattern on the curtain reflected. It looked simple but warm.

Amanda felt cold last night. She heard the sound of cleaning the floor. She wondered if those servants had come back. The servants came when Darren was gone, as if worrying about her being lonely. But Amanda wanted to have her own space to have a rest.

Darren didn't come back that night. There was an illusion in Amanda's mind that he would probably not come back anymore. He was always running hot and cold. Anyone who acted with him in this love would be heartbroken as well.

Amanda patted her own face, sat up and yawned. 'Amanda, why are you so silly? When you feel better, you begin to show your weakness and become dependent on others? That's not right, ' she thought.

She stood up and walked to the window. The sunshine was shining on the snow. The yellow wintersweet flowers were all blooming in the sunshine. As she walked in, she would definitely smell the fragrance of the wintersweet. It seemed that Amanda could still see that she and Darren were walking in the plum forest. For some reason, she was very sad, and tears fell down from her eyes frankly.

She turned around and went downstairs. The breakfast, which was made with seafood, was fresh in the taste. The steamed egg custard was made with corn and ham, and bun with a soft taste. Amanda was eating quietly alone. She seldom spoke, and her face was wooden all over.

"I saw that Miss Cheng kept silent and seldom smiled. I'm afraid that it's not good for miscarriage prevention." The housekeeper reported to Gregorio.

After sending Lionel, Gregorio went back to the An Group to deal with some issues. There were many stars in the sky. The sky was very clear after the snow, as if it had been washed. He asked, "Did anything happen today? What did Miss Cheng do?"

"Nothing. I'm so worried about her. Last night, Mr. Darren suddenly left. Miss Cheng didn't

in front of all the media that he liked you and wanted to protect you forever, and the next moment he chose another woman. Don't you feel sad at all? You used to like him so much, and he liked you as well." Gregorio was so stubborn that he insisted on asking for an answer.

"I have persuaded him a long time ago. I am not the one he is looking for. I know that Josie has done so much for him. If he could accept her kindness earlier, he would have a good life. I would never marry Lionel, nor would I love him," Amanda proposed.

"Why not? You used to like Lionel without any hesitation even though you were the hostess of the An Group. Now you have divorced with Darren. You have more freedom, don't you? Or do you think that it's impossible for you to stay with Lionel because you have a baby with Darren?" Gregorio asked.

"Cut the crap. Get out!" Amanda rolled her eyes and went upstairs with Luna in her arms.

Gregorio smiled resignedly. It seemed that he had asked too many questions, but even if she gave him the answer, no matter it was Lionel or Darren, they all had been in her heart, but he was just an audience from beginning to end.

"Luna, what's that annoying man doing here?" Amanda leaned against the couch and murmured.

Luna ran out of Amanda's arms immediately as it was thinking about the food downstairs.

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