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   Chapter 308 Wait For Me

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6590

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"Let's go." Gregorio interrupted Lionel and said, "We're running out of time."

In a trance, Lionel turned around and stared at Gregorio. He had to follow Nicholas' order to Germany. He couldn't be distracted now. If he went there later, he would miss something, but there was no chance to make up for it.

Hearing the sound behind, Josie's eyes rolled. He was leaving, but she had nothing to do with it.

"You were so cold and broke out in a sweat. Let's go home and ask the servant to heat up the ginger soup for you," Mr. Xia said.

"I'm fine," said Josie.

"Mr. Lionel, please stop." A guard shouted.

When Mr. Xia turned around and saw that Lionel was coming, he was stopped by the bodyguards. He didn't even look at him, pretending that he didn't see what he did and continued to take Josie away. But Josie stopped walking.

"Leave him alone," Mr. Xia said.

Josie looked at Lionel and didn't expect him to say anything. She didn't want to hear that he said he owed her anymore. What was the use of saying sorry? She didn't want him to be a creditor or a friend anymore. She didn't want to love him so humbly. She didn't want to shed all the happiness and tears in a man.

She looked away and continued to follow Mr. Xia.

She didn't want to see him anymore. Lionel knew that she hated him, but he had something to say to her.

"Wait for me, Josie," Lionel was pushed by the bodyguards and shouted.

Gregorio caught up and said, "Mr. Lionel, hurry up. We don't have much time. Don't forget that you don't have many chances." Although Gregorio implied a threat in his words, Lionel turned a deaf ear to it and only called Josie's name.

"If you come up again, we will not be polite." Said one of the bodyguards.

Seeing that Josie was about to get in the car, he got worried and punched the bodyguards in the face. The bodyguards just wanted to stop him, but they didn't expect that he would actually beat them. At first, they were at a dis

he car and ignore him.

"Mr. Xia is still angry with me," Lionel said.

"It's okay. I will persuade him. He just couldn't accept it in a short time. I can't accept it too. I really want to know if I'm dreaming now," Josie said with a smile. Saying this, she pinched Lionel's arm and asked, "Does it hurt?"

"No," Lionel answered.

"Is it a dream?" Josie asked with her eyes wide open.

"Do you think it's a dream?" Lionel asked as he pulled Josie and kissed her again.

Josie pushed him. "You'd better go now."

Lionel nodded, turned around and got into his car. Seeing the time on his watch, Gregorio said, "You'd better pray that we'll encounter the green lights at the next crossing."

"I'll pray," Lionel answered.

As he drove the car, Gregorio said with a smile, "I didn't expect to see a good show today."

"You not only watched a good show, but also fought happily. Am I right?" Lionel asked.

"My skill is not as good as yours, turning an enemy into a friend while chatting," Gregorio said with a smile.

"Josie is really a good girl. I haven't seen her clearly before. I almost have missed her," Lionel replied.

"What about Amanda?" Gregorio asked.

Lionel smiled coldly and said, "All of you, the whole family, treat her like a pawn. Even Darren wanted to set her up."

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