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   Chapter 305 Josie Got Sick

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6613

Updated: 2020-03-16 00:22

After Lionel returned home, he didn't sleep for the whole night, but he kept thinking about the image of Josie standing in front of his house, covered with snow. He knew her from an early age, and she had always been a stubborn person. As a result, when anyone from the business circle mentioned her, they all respected her.

But Josie had done a lot for Lionel. She insisted on getting engaged to him when the Gu family was in trouble, which made the Xia family take a risk. Under her father's opposition, she resigned from her position as the general manager of the Xia Group and accompanied him to America.

When Lionel insisted on visiting Amanda, Josie was obstinate to follow him. But when he declared in front of all the media that he had a crush on Amanda, she gave up her love and gave up on him.

Lionel knew that he hurt Josie too much, but he also felt glad that she could be free now.

Early in the morning, when Lionel wanted to go out to have a look, he got a call from Gregorio. He said with a smile, "Mr. Lionel, you don't have any arrangement today, right?"

"Mr. Lin, what's up?" He was on the alert when he saw the caller's name. On the one hand, Gregorio represented Mr. Nicholas. He would give him all the message that Nicholas wanted him to know. Lionel thought that he was abandoned by Nicholas.

"If you are fine, I will pick you up later. Mr. Nicholas wants me to send you to Germany," Gregorio said as if Lionel was in no position to refuse. "I'll be at your home in about twenty minutes. See you later," he added.

After hanging up the phone, Lionel frowned slightly. Why did Nicholas want him to go to Germany now? Did the An Group have an important case in Germany? Lionel knew nothing about Nicholas' visit to Germany. His whereabouts had always been confidential, so Lionel was confused.

But since Gregorio was in such a hurry to find him, there must be something important happening. Since Lionel couldn't break up with Nicholas now

o me," Lionel replied.

Because his grandfather was still lying in the Gu family. He didn't know what his aunt and uncle would do to grandfather for the property of the family. Before he took control of the power, he had no ability to fight against them or protect his grandfather. He must cooperate with Nicholas to get the support from him.

Nicholas was never a kind person. He just appreciated Lionel's personality, but that didn't mean that he could offer help and opportunity to him again and again. Especially last time, he had angered him due to his impulse.

There was no other chance. If he let go of this opportunity, how much would he suffer.

Looking at Lionel, Mr. Xia said, "I can't believe you are so heartless! The daughter of the Xia family is not that important as your career, right? How can you be so cold-blooded? Since you said you wanted a career, then I'll let you have nothing. You are not allowed to leave today, and in the future, the Xia family will also become the enemy of the Gu family."

"Mr. Xia, it's all my fault. It has nothing to do with my family. If you are angry with me, you can deal with me as you like. I won't regret it. But if you want me to choose, I will choose to go with Mr. Lin because it will help at least in the future," Lionel said with a bitter smile.

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