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   Chapter 300 How To Make It Up

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"To be honest, I respect you as my elder. But to be honest, I don't think I have the right to call you aunt," Lionel said sincerely.

"Anyone can say something nice. It doesn't matter whether he will do it or not. I think that Josie has listened to your words for a long time. That's why she foolishly gave up her career and went to America with you to suffer a lot," Emily continued.

"Yes, I'm really sorry for Josie," Lionel replied.

"No, you don't have to say sorry to her. It's her own willingness. You have never asked her to accompany you. It's her who wants to do so silly to sacrifice so much. It's her who is too stupid to do all these. I said I am open-minded, but in fact, I am not open-minded at all. I saw my niece go with you in spite of difficulties, but was easily pushed away by you. What do you think of her as? A plaything you can get when you are helpless? Have I gone too far?" Emily asked.

"I never treated her as a plaything and I know she sacrificed a lot for me. But I'm sorry. I can only say sorry to her now. Although many people said they didn't believe in love, it has always been a determined thing in my heart, making me feel pain. I still hold on to what I thought. When I take a look at Amanda, I want to eradicate all sad things for her. I think Josie's heart is the same as mine. She will give up on me if she can't stay with me," Lionel said.

"Do you think you are confident enough to possess and protect Amanda?" Emily snorted. She didn't know that Amanda was missing. And Amanda was a good friend of Maggie. With Maggie by her side, although she didn't like Amanda, she couldn't offend him too much. She just retorted him.

"No matter I can or not, I will try. Sometimes people are not so rational to weigh the right or wrong of something. They just want to do it, just want to," Lionel said sincerely.

"I don't want to talk with you anymore. You ar

e she doesn't expect anything from you. She just wants you to be happy and doesn't care about anything else, including herself," Henry said calmly while walking down the stairs.

"Why do you go downstairs again?" Hearing his unfriendly tone, Maggie felt the place was on fire, so she wanted to retreat and leave the war field. But Amanda was her good friend, and Lionel left Josie for Amanda, which offended the Zhao family and the Xia family. She couldn't escape at the crucial time.

"I went here to see what happened," he said. Henry sat beside her. Although Amanda was Maggie's good friend and he had some relationship with her, he still cared about Josie. Because she was his cousin and he should support her.

As for Maggie and Henry, they were completely against each other on this matter, but they would not regard it as an internal conflict between them. Everything depended on the choice of the Lionel and Josie.

"Yes, it's what makes me feel guilty. Now I don't have the ability to take care of Amanda, nor do I have the ability to make it up to Josie. I can't give her what she wants, so I can only give her a sense of guilt. It sounds like an explanation from a weak person, but I swear, if she needs me, I can do anything for her," Lionel said.

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