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   Chapter 296 Do Anything For Her

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6245

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It was not until Amanda left that he realized how cruel this habit could be. After losing her, he felt that he was even more lonely and cold at night. He felt that he had never had her. It was just an illusion of his dreams.

Looking at Darren, Amanda recalled the scene that she cooked for him countless nights. It was a happy thing herself to cook for her beloved man. She said, "I'll cook for you later."

"Okay," Darren nodded, as if they had come back to the beginning.

After dinner, they didn't go out for a walk. Darren asked Amanda to go to his room. The room of Darren occupied a whole floor, and his room was as large as an amusement park. The smooth decoration made this place like a palace. Amanda took a golden candlestick and added, "If there are some white candles on it, we can play the "Vampire Legend" written by some writers."

"Are you a vampire bride?" Darren said with a smile. He lifted the corner of his lips and was about to take a bite on her neck to make her a vampire. Out of the blue, Amanda felt like vomiting. She immediately grabbed some tissue and covered her mouth with it. "What's wrong with you, honey?" Darren asked with concern. "I'll call the doctor," he added.

"It's okay. I just feel a little sick. I don't like this place. Help me down." The whole room was decorated with splendid furniture, which made her look uncomfortable. Darren knew she was in poor health, so he had to hold her to go down at once.

"Isn't my room beautiful?" It was inevitable that Darren felt a little depressed. In fact, he hired a designer to design it. Darren liked this grand and majestic design, thinking it had the kingly style. He hoped that Amanda would like his taste.

Amanda half leaned on the sofa and opened her mouth lazily. Darren pinched a fresh strawberry into her mouth, just like taking care of the queen.

It was just

to see you at all."

"Amanda, are you mad at me? What happened? Are you blaming me for not doing well this time? This is the first time I have encountered such an emergency. I don't know what to do because I am too busy to handle it. I really don't want you to be sad." Darren leaned against the door, sighed and whispered, "If I had to choose, I'd rather to exchange my identity with yours. And you put me in such a predicament."

The tears slowly rolled down from Amanda's eyes. She sobbed, "If you didn't know I'm pregnant, would you divorce me and then live a life with Rose?"

"I won't. No matter how long we'll be apart, I'll get you back as soon as I get rid of those things," Darren said hurriedly.

"What if I can't get rid of it? What if I am the target all the time? Will you stop looking for me? Do you really think that everything you did was for my good?" Amanda's voice was trembling with sobs.

"Amanda, in fact, love is not everything. If I have to, I would rather you get rid of this than both of us be trapped with this thing. And even if I'm stuck in a deep pit, I'll try my best to let you fly out," Darren said.

"But what's the point of my flying away without you?" Sitting on the ground, Amanda cried sadly.

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