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   Chapter 293 A Walk In The Plum Garden

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6503

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In the morning, after the snow, the ground was pure and clean, and the sun slowly climbed out of the clouds, and the curtains were drawn so tightly that no light could enter the room. The servants downstairs were cleaning up honestly when they knew that Darren was on top. No one dared to be bothered them.

Amanda was crying a long time and she finally fell asleep. However, Darren couldn't fall asleep at all. He watched Amanda's peaceful sleeping face until the middle of the night.

Amanda was very tired and she slept for a long time. She opened her eyes and saw that Darren was looking at her like that. She asked, "How long have you been awake? What time is it now?"

"We can have lunch after a while," Darren said with a smile.

Amanda took a look at the clock on the wall and it was already half past ten. She had a long sleep. Even so, she was still very sleepy.

"Continue to sleep?" Darren asked.

"No, it's not good for the baby to sleep any more. I need to exercise more." Amanda stood up and stretched, even yawning. It seemed that she had not slept enough. "Don't catch a cold," he added. He helped her put on her clothes.

"Don't start lecturing me in the morning," Amanda muttered. But she still stood up and put on her coat.

"Are you happy now?" Darren asked.

Amanda nodded. She didn't know why she cried last night. Maybe it was because she had been under too much pressure. But she was in a good mood after she cried.

"I want to eat this. Pick it up for me." After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Amanda sat down at the table and told Darren to help her to eat breakfast. The servants in the family were really good at cooking, because they will have lunch later. So Darren told Amanda not to eat too much. He just ate some porridge instead of anything else.

"Let's go for a walk. Don't get indigestion," Darren said after breakfast.

"I know, I have been walking for more than a month,"

t neither of them felt comfortable. The divorce case of them had come to an end easily now. The outsiders had believed that Amanda had been driven out of the An family. Only in this place could they be like a normal couple.

Having a walk outside, Amanda's appetite was obviously bigger than before. The food in the manor was exquisite and much better than that in the restaurants outside. Not to mention the food material, it was the freshest and well matched, which saved her from worry.

After lunch, Darren had to leave. Even though he couldn't take Amanda away right now, he had to deal with the company's affairs.

"Wait for me tonight." After walking out of the house, Darren caressed Amanda's face and added, "But if I come back late, don't wait for me. Remember to have dinner on time."

"Save it, just go and don't worry," Amanda rolled her eyes at Darren. Only this woman who had no respect for Darren would dare to speak so rudely to him. Darren smiled, but didn't seem to be angry. He turned around, opened the door and got into the car.

"I thought he was going to take you away," Gregorio stood behind her and said.

"If he takes me away, something bad will happen. Now the media is watching us. Even if he wanted to take me away, I wouldn't agree," Amanda continued.

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