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   Chapter 289 Listen To My Explanation

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6769

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"You've gone too far. Do you think you can do whatever you want in such a place?" Rose said with a sneer. Right now, Amanda had divorced Darren, and she, Rose, was pregnant with Darren's child. The reason why Nicholas allowed Darren to take her here for dinner was because he liked the baby in her belly. But why was Amanda here? Rose couldn't figure it out.

When Amanda walked into the room, Darren saw her immediately. She was once petite and panic stricken in the media broadcast. But now she was completely calm, as if she hadn't experienced anything. When she was in great need of help, he could do nothing but watch Lionel stood in front of her and announced to all the media that he liked Amanda. He then smartly left with Amanda. It was exactly what he should do.

"Where is Lionel? Why didn't he come with you?" Darren said in a low voice, as if he was just talking about the weather.

Amanda didn't know if Darren knew about her pregnancy. It looked like he probably didn't know or didn't care. Better be the later one. If he did, she wouldn't be so pathetic to expect him to come back.

"He has been busy lately," Amanda smiled. Then she pretended not to see his face.

The dishes were placed on the table at a time. With a smile on his face, Gregorio said, "Mr. Nicholas has to attend an emergency meeting. The place is in Germany. He set off without informing you."

"Germany?" Darren frowned slightly. He didn't know what happened in Germany.

"Miss Cheng, Mr. Nicholas said that you'd better live here in the following days, just like your own home. He may come back in a month," Gregorio said.

Amanda nodded her head to show her approval. She would live here no matter Nicholas was there or not. But Rose was totally surprised by what was happening here and so was Darren.

"Gregorio, what's going on?" Darren asked directly.

"You should ask Miss Cheng about this. I'll go downstairs first," said Gregorio with a smile.

Amanda raised her head and looked at Gregorio. Gregorio also smile

breeding machine! Do you really think you can change my attitude based on your preferences?" she shouted.

"Amanda, this is not the way it is."

"PAK!" It was another slap. Amanda found it quite cool to slap a man, especially this bad man. Before Darren could say anything, she slapped him again.

"Amanda!" He could forgive her just because she slapped him, but she had gone too far. Wasn't all he did for her? Why couldn't she just calm down and listen to his explanation?

"Come on! Just hit me!" Amanda then walked towards him with her hands on her belly, looking like a rascal.

"I know you have been wronged these days. I really don't want it to be like this," Darren said. He then grabbed her hand and comforted her, "Even if you want to hit me, can you do it after I finish my sentence? If you can't forgive me after I finish, you can hit me as you like."

The people around were shocked. Was this Mr. Darren? He was like a different person when he stayed with Miss Cheng. He didn't lose his temper when he was slapped. Instead, he asked her to hit him as her please. Mr. Darren must love Miss Cheng very much, so he didn't stop her.

Tears rolled down from Amanda's eyes. She looked away and said, "I don't want to listen to you."

"Amanda, don't you believe me? Didn't you feel how I treated you all the time?" Darren said.

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