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   Chapter 288 See Him Again

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6597

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"Amanda, your child not only belongs to you, but also a member of the An family. We are not the only ones watching the baby. If you want to protect the baby, you have to give up everything. Even your brother will be threatened by someone with the chips you care about. If you really want to protect the baby, you have to be prepared to give up everything," Gregorio said seriously.

Amanda looked at him as if she was looking at a man from a different world. She had a weird expression on her face. Although there were tears on her face, she burst into laughter. She muttered, "The An family. The An family."

Seeing her compromise, Gregorio ordered people to prepare a room for her to rest in.

Her belongings had already been packed and placed according to her daily habits.

"It turns out that all I did was just a little trick." Looking at her pale face in the mirror and her heavily pregnant belly, Amanda was a little confused. If she hadn't had this baby, would everything be under the control? Would the An family let her go?

All of a sudden, she indulged herself in the fantasy that she could have a free life without the baby. She could go to a city with beautiful scenery, buy a house or even book an suite for a long time. She could live at ease every day and find a simple job, just like an ordinary white-collar worker.

Then a cold shiver ran down Amanda's spine. 'What am I doing? I even want to deny the existence of the baby. The baby is already here. If anything happens to the baby, Nicholas will really do something to Lionel, ' she thought.

At this moment, Amanda's phone rang. It was from Lionel. Startled, she took the phone out of her bag slowly. Lionel sounded cheerful on the phone, but actually Nicholas' threat put him under a lot of pressure. But he would put it down soon.

"Amanda, where did you go? The hotel told me you checked out," Lionel replied.

Looking out of the window at the beautiful scenery of the manor, Amanda

as if she had a phoenix egg in her belly. They were afraid that she would fall.

As soon as Amanda took off her coat, the servants took it for her right away. She walked into the dining room and was shocked to see the people sitting there. There were only two people in the dining room, Darren and Rose. They were sitting together, and Nicholas hadn't come yet.

She had never thought that she would see Darren again, so she was a little surprised. But when she saw him sitting with Rose, she felt very sad. But anyway, she had loved this man so deeply. There was something wrong with Amanda. So she moved her eyes and sat on the opposite side of them.

"Why are you here?" After receiving the invitation to have dinner with Darren, Rose was very happy. However, when she saw Amanda, she became worried and looked very vigilant.

"Since you can come here, why can't I?" Amanda said calmly.

"Did you forget that you have already been abandoned?" Rose asked.

Rolling her eyes, Amanda wanted to argue with her, just like scolding Josie. But it was really a hard work for her. So she just said slowly, "It is okay. I forgive you for that you haven't attended the cultural class."

"Are you saying that I'm uneducated?" Rose asked immediately.

"Well, you know yourself well enough," Amanda proposed.

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